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FantOmaSSFantOmaSS 1 month ago
Soleil Neige (Eau de Parfum) - Tom Ford

Soleil Neige (Eau de Parfum) Amazing white polar scent !!
Soleil Neige... The name alone evokes a radiant facet of Tom Ford's universe. This universe inspired Soleil Neige, a polar version of the amber floral fragrance, Soleil Blanc. Soleil Neige transports you to an eternal vacation, surrounded...

FantOmaSSFantOmaSS 1 month ago
London - Tom Ford

London Bottled cat piss...
A blind purchase can sometimes come as a surprise. Sometimes it is not what you expected... That's what happened to me with this London. Not that this scent is bad, but to my opinioni it will take quite a while before i tame it. We are here on a hot,...



ElysiumElysium 1 month ago
Hey there Fantomas, welcome to Parfumo community. Good reviews you did so far, keep on going. That's the right spirit here. Enjoy
FantOmaSSFantOmaSS 1 month ago
Accro des parfums TOM FORD, ma collection favorite est la Private Blend :)
J'aime aussi sortir de ma zone de confort et je suis aussi a l'aise avec quelques parfums féminins, car après tout, le parfum a t'il un sexe...
Ma maison favorite: TOM FORD
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J'aime les parfums Ovni, avec un sillage surpuissant et une tenue éternelle...
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