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FarukFaruk 6 years ago
Lord (Eau de Parfum) - Al Rehab

Lord (Eau de Parfum) A simplistic fresh fragrance
Allright so the opening of this oil is quite floral and citrical. Smells like jasmin(?), lemon, bergamot(?) and rose. The floral freshness is floating on a heart of sweet sandelwood. Don't know what to compare it to though but it isn't...

FarukFaruk 6 years ago
Jannah (Perfume Oil) - Al Haramain / الحرمين

Jannah (Perfume Oil) Very oriental
Very warm perfume, all the notes are very noticable. Personally i think it suits a women better than a man. Very oriental and eastern, not discontinued.


ApiciusApicius 6 years ago
Hello Faruk, welcome to Parfumo! I hope you like it!