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FatihkarlFatihkarl 4 months ago
Soleil de Capri - Montale

Soleil de Capri An Enjoyable and Bright Mediterranean Journey
Every time I spray the capri I go on a wonderful journey. The sun is calls me. So where? Wherever the Mediterranean sun makes me happy... For example, in the south of Anatolia... In Caria, Lycia and Pamphylia. In...

FatihkarlFatihkarl 5 months ago
Luna Rossa Carbon - Prada

Luna Rossa Carbon Fresh, Nice Lavendery Metallic Am-Bomb
This fragrance opens up sharp - fresh, intense, slightly sour with ambroxan and aromatic effect. If this smell was a movie, the lead actor in it would be 'ambroxan note' . Because the ambroxan note is very effective and dominant...

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Fresh opening, lavendery, aromatic, metallic, mineraly and clean. Masculine and very good. I like it.
A fragrance that is definitely worthy for summer. It has a different and fresh-green aura. Not suitable for blind buying but worth a try!


DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 1 year ago
Hi Fatihkarl, welcome to Parfumo. Great reviews, keep it up!