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Fatihkarl 2 months ago 3

Give this spaciousness a chance!
The value of a fragrance is not measured by its permanence.

This fragrance is masterfully blended and soft

Erolfa opens aromatically, then develops to nice aquatic and woody drydown

This fragrance opens up with a pleasant citrusy effect. Shortly after opening, that wonderful fruity melon touch accompanies the citrus. And with that, a fresh green effect is adds to the opening.. Very bright pleasant and aromatically blending. The nice spaciousness that hits your face...

About 15 or 20 minutes after opening, light and pleasant floral scents add color to this perfume.

This blended has a little salty-ocean vibes. I like it. I can also feel ambergris and soft-woods in the base notes, but the general marine - fresh character of the fragrance stays the same until it dries.

Suitable for office and sportsman.

It lasts more than 8+ hours on my skin.

Fatihkarl 7 months ago 3

An Enjoyable and Bright Mediterranean Journey
Every time I spray the capri I go on a wonderful journey. The sun is calls me. So where?

Wherever the Mediterranean sun makes me happy...

For example, in the south of Anatolia... In Caria, Lycia and Pamphylia.

In all geographies where Roman and Hellenic civilizations left their mark. Also, these are the places where beautiful citrus fruits grow...

As someone who likes to travel and explore, I follow the call of the sun. I am using the capri at Soleil these days.

It opens up with a sweet pleasant delicious, citrus scent. From the opening, the citrus effect is a little more dominant than the other notes. It gives a different and soft - gourmand feel. This may be due to the pleasant harmony of kumquat, grapefruit and white flowers. Because over time, the citrus theme becomes fruity - citrus and white flowers make themselves felt.

About half an hour after opening, the fruity - citrus effect is balanced by white flowers. The scent becomes more balanced. White flowers are in harmony and solidarity with pleasant citrus scents. Fruity citrus effect and creamy white flower aura are intertwined. These notes support each other. Finally, a wonderful, soft creamy-sweet citrus scent develops. That's very likeable.
At this time it has a nice and slightly mysterious background, and the creamy effect can give a slight buttery smell in the background.

This odor continues to smell the same linearly on my skin over time. After a while, the white flowers gradually disappear and the scent turns into a sweet candy scent. Therefore it's a fragrance that tends to be feminine. Then it dries softly and lightly.

I've been trying this fragrance for a while. generally I'm satisfied with it. As a man, I like to use this scent, even though the scent tends to become feminine over time. Sometimes I also use it as a room fragrance.

I think it is suitable for warm weather and summer evenings or afternoons.

Also soleil de capri isn't a very strong scent. Therefore you can re-spray every 5 or 6 hours.

It lasts more than 7+ hours on my skin.

Fatihkarl 8 months ago 2

Fresh, Nice Lavendery Metallic Am-Bomb
This fragrance opens up sharp - fresh, intense, slightly sour with ambroxan and aromatic effect. If this smell was a movie, the lead actor in it would be 'ambroxan note' . Because the ambroxan note is very effective and dominant in the opening of this fragrance. At the same time, the effect of ambroxan continues until the smell is gone.

From the opening, you feel little bergamot and the mineralic - metallic - aromatic air, but still the most dominant note is ambroxan(sharp ambroxan- definitely ambroxan bomb) . That's why I don't like the opening of this smell.

As time goes by, the lavender note begins to become evident. Mineral metallic notes become more prominent.

Then the aromatic aura of the smell increases as the ambroxan loses its effect. The scent becomes more pleasant as the effect of the Ambroxan bomb diminishes. After that the fragrance turns into a very well blending. Has very little fresh-peppery and synthetic air.

The aromatic mineral metallic lavendery and ambroxan blend in the heart notes gives the fragrance its true character.

And the smell ends with a pleasant slightly lavendery - aromatic dry down..

It's a good choice to call this fragrance "carbon." Because I really feel the metallic texture, the vibrations of watery and coal, and the smell of lavender added to the wet soil tincture.

If the ambroxan note wasn't so dominant, I might like this scent more. It's a good smell but it's not perfect for me.

I don't think that smell is uniseks. Contrariwise, I think it's a clean men's perfume.

In addition, this fragrance is a fragrance that can be used with pleasure instead of Sauvage. Because I think this smell is more tame than Sauvage.

If a color represented this smell, it would be 'lavender blue' or dark blue with a slight gray orientation.

Suitable for wearing on warm days and rainy days. Suitable for sport and casual life.

This fragrance can make you get compliments.

It lasts more than 8+ hours on my skin.

Fatihkarl 10 months ago 4

The Fresh, Fruity and Flowery Peace of White
There is a slightly sticky, sweet and fresh effect at the opening. You feel the grapefruit effect from the opening until the end of the fragrance. I feel the rosemary note shortly after opening, yes this note also adds freshness to the scent. But I confess that the top notes are well blended and especially the grapefruit note is very dominant.

I also feel the floral notes about an hour after opening. Especially ylang-ylang note and tuberose scent... In the heart notes, the fragrance turns into a fresh,fruit and flowery odor. The fragrance lasts like such for a long time. I feel a little woody effect in the base notes but the fragrance still retains its character. It still smells good hours later.

This fragrance is never feminine despite its pleasant content. Pleasant, sporty and masculine odor. Sometimes reminds me of its slightly fabric softener scent. Smells very clean, gives freshness and peace.

My darling chose this fragrance for me and gave it to me as a gift. I realized when I thought about it, she made a good choice for me.

Suitable for spring, summer and warm weather.

Also this fragrance suitable for wander with your darling on a warm day or going a jogging alone or for going to the gym.

This Fragrance fresh, fruity and flowery call of white. You can trust this call.

Interesting but it lasts more than 20+ hours on my skin.

Fatihkarl 12 months ago 3

My Favourite Greek Sculpture

When I first spray this perfume, I smell fresh citrus scents(lemon etc.) and especially orange blossoms.There is an aura that impresses me at the opening and I like it very much.

You can feel the tonka effect in this scent within half an hour from opening. However, the most dominant character of this fragrance is that it is floral and fresh citrus. Adorable floral fresh fragrance ...

After a while, base notes accompany this citrus and floral fragrance. There is very little woody odor in this part but the most effective note is the tonka bean. The fragrance dries with tonka effect.

This fragrance has a really fresh and soft - sweet aura.

I don't think this fragrance is unisex. A pleasant male scent.

A pleasant sea breeze.
I bought Nikos Sculpture as a suggestion of my darling. It is one of my favorite scents ever since.

I think it is a suitable fragrance especially for spring and summer seasons and for warm days.

I also recommend it to sports men and young men.

It lasts more than 6+ hours on my skin.

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