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Nick99KNick99K 6 months ago
It was nice to trade with you too!
Glad to see now you are closer to complete your Frederic Malle collection :)
Max1403Max1403 6 months ago
Thank you my dear Friend :)
I hope you have a lot of fun with musc ravageur!
Till next time!
StaticStatic 7 months ago
Thank you Filip! Realy looking forward to deal with you again. Enjoy the fragrance & whenever you are in The Netherlands let me know!
With great pleasure 🙏🏾
Shenkin57Shenkin57 1 year ago
Great guy, great communication! Looking forward to have more deals with you :)
All the best,
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 1 year ago
Hey FilipMurray, welcome to our fragrance community!