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121 days ago
Dama Koupa by Baruti

Dama Koupa„Dark rum”
I was dumb enough to approach this with great expectations of heliotrope&iris. It takes a lot of conscious sniffing to discern these notes, I ended up smelling like I had marinated myself with strong, dark rum. Which is not a bad thing but I appreciate it much more when sniffing...

8 months ago
5:40 PM in Madagascar by Kenzo

5:40 PM in Madagascar„Easy, breezy, beautiful”
My one-liner review for this would be easy, breezy, beautiful! It is a Kenzo vanilla (from the good old days). As this was released ages ago, I am not sure if my opinions are based on the actual product or aging process. On my skin this is quite linear aquatic...

Perfume Blog

4 years ago

Finanna„From an eco-radical into a perfume lover”
I ranted about my dear perfume-hating friend and her little darling who had quite an interest in perfumes some time ago and there has been a hilarious change in the circumstances. We have had quite a few coffees since then and many times I have been thinking that she might be wearing perfume or some scented lotion but haven't dared to ask until yesterday. It seems that Ayala Moriel's creations have charmed her socks off. And even the little darling has apparently been allowed to try some:) I...


Exciter76Exciter76 8 months ago
Finanna! How exciting to see you here!
FinannaFinanna 3 years ago
Heippa kosmos! Long time no see:) olen siirtynyt foorumeilta taustahaistelijaksi kun aika ei riitä nykyään mihinkään.
KosmoskukkaKosmoskukka 3 years ago
Moikka Moi !
Mitäs sulle kuuluu?? Pitkästä aikaa
SorceressSorceress 5 years ago
Hi there Finanna,thanks so much for posting to my blog. Have a very special Holiday!
FinannaFinanna 5 years ago
@Mia: My thoughts exactly, you know what they say about great minds...
@Digindirt: thank you, I have stalked your collection in the other perfume forum (I think I recognise you despite the different name) and yours is even more wonderful! Thanks for selling those decants by the way, happy to help a great cause while sniffing new perfumes.
DigindirtDigindirt 5 years ago
Hi Finanna, Your wardrobe looks marvelous!
MiaTrostMiaTrost 5 years ago
Uncle Serge in pink pumps, what's not to like? ;)
FinannaFinanna 5 years ago
Cheers Mia, how do you like the new avatar? I also remember you, I think we both kind of liked Kouros:)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 5 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, Finanna! I recall your pseudonym from Fragrantica but miss your snazzy avatar. :)