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I ranted about my dear perfume-hating friend and her little darling who had quite an interest in perfumes some time ago and there has been a hilarious change in the circumstances. We have had quite a few coffees since then and many times I have been thinking that she might be wearing perfume or some scented lotion but haven't dared to ask until yesterday. It seems that Ayala Moriel's creations have charmed her socks off. And even the little darling has apparently been allowed to try some:)

I don't have any experience with naturals because the world of "normal perfumes" has provided enough opportunities for exploration but now I am getting very curious. I mean, if a person who hates perfume with passion suddenly converts into a fumehead, they must be something extraordinary. Maybe I'll steal a sniff of her fumes the next time I visit her. I know she has six (!!!) bottles and some sampling packages because we actually had a sensible conversation about perfume yesterday.

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Finishing samples seems to be easy for me and I think it will be my project for 2015. Alas, resisting perfume purchases is not... But the stats do not too bad:

Finished bottles: 1 ( need to finish five more!)

Finished samples: 5 (target exceeded in last month already)

Purchased bottles: 1 (quota exceeded by 11...)

Eulogies for the finished samples:

Garofano (Lorenzo Villoresi): Carnations with cloves& ylang-ylang. Worth trying&buying if you love carnations. I apparently do not love them anymore.

Ninfeo Mio (Annick Goutal): Beautiful fresh fig scent. Out of my comfort zone but enjoyable. If I ever need a summer fragrance again, I’ll buy this.

Lyric Man (Amouage): I cannot do a concise summary that would do enough justice for this gorgeous perfume so I don’t even try to say more than terrific rose cologne.

Gold Sugar (Aquolina): Enjoyable sweet cheapo sandalwood scent. I’d buy a bottle if I didn’t have so many already.

So Elixir (Yves Rocher): Sweet fruitchouli, no need to buy it as it seems to be worn by every other person here so I can smell it more often than I’d want to:)

Finished bottle:

1932 (Chanel): Elegant and easy to love woody floral. I got a bit bored with it eventually and would not buy a big bottle anymore. I was lucky enough to get a complimentary mini of this with my purchase and that’s enough for me.

My purchase:

Vega (Guerlain): I have been appying a tiny smidge of this before going to bed and fell in love. Gorgeous aldehydic floral with soft enough aldehydes for my nose.

How about you, what was your purchase/finish ratio this month?

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Phew! I have officially finished the 52 samples I aimed to finish during 2014 (and swapped&donated away those that deserved a more loving home). Running is going smoothly, I achieved my 10k in 1h (training for half marathon now…). But I did not (yet) purchase those 10 new bottles…although I adopted one and bought two new ones (which I will split but they still count). Damn!

Finished bottles: 1 (woo-o we're halfway there, need to finish six more!)

Finished samples: 8 (target exceeded, number of finished samples is 58!!! )

Purchased bottles: 3 (quota exceeded by 8, bought/split 20 bottles already…oops)

Eulogies for the finished samples:

Rousse (Serge Lutens): Cinnamon&ambre with a touch of mandarin. I quite liked wearing this but don't see the need for a full bottle. I do prefer Ambre Sultan to this.

La Myrrhe (Serge Lutens): Resins with a hit of mandarin (do we see a theme here...). Long-lasting with perfect sillage. Goes to want-list.

Harissa (Comme des Garcons): I was afraid that I was going to smell like Moroccan kitchen (I love the smell&cooking but not as a perfume, tough). This was a pleasant scent with fizzy rootbeer accord. I had fun testing it but to me, it is not FBW.

Carnation (Comme des Garcons): Carnation with a hint of cloves. I do like carnations, but my bottle of Bellodgia will suffice.

Premier Figuier (L'Artisan): gorgeous fig that transforms to a woody floral. I'd definitely get a full bottle if it lasted longer. Now I probably won't.

Vanithe (Nez a Nez): herbal vanilla, the opening is more interesting than the drydown. No need for a full bottle.

Foret de Becharre (Nez a Nez): I do remember finishing a vial but not what it smelled like...

Vanille Marine (Molinard): Easy nontoxic vanilla, but I prefer its the over-the-top sisters.

Innocence (Chloe): Like a tuned-down Pure White Linen. Absolutely lovely, I didn't want to fall in love with a discontinued perfume, but looks like I'll need to find a reasonably good duplicate.

Finished bottle:

Poison (Christian Dior): candied, potent tuberose with spices, leather and whatnot. I actually prefer this over Memoir woman. Loved it, but I'll try to survive without a new bottle.

My adoptee and purchases:

Chinatown (Bond No9): I dismissed this earlier, but it has been haunting me for a while. Then I saw someone offering hers for adoption for a reasonable fee… Thank you sumukorento:)!

Rosa Nobile (Acqua di Parma): It was a draw between this and Iris. And as Mae West put it, "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before."

Fille en Aiguilles (Serge Lutens): Just like Traversee du Bosphore and Chinatown, I dismissed this earlier but somehow I found myself craving for it now. Must be all those trips to our summer cottage and sniffing those gorgeous tall pine trees.

The final confession: I am currently wearing Essences Insensees by Diptyque and I find myself falling... do you have anything to confess?

**WARNING! This post is very long so go get yourself a cup of coffee/tea, some chocolates and a comfy seat.**

The good news: my sample stash is getting emptier, and I have been doing lots of decant swaps which is good for decreasing the liquid level in the bottles, although it means getting new samples to finish. Another example of perfumista's catch-22. The not-so-good news is that I started running to get back to my normal fitness level after giving birth. My first goal was to do 5km in 30 minutes (not so impressive for the majority of you, but my starting level in the beginning of July was running six minutes and feeling like I had done a marathon ). So, when I reached this goal, I decided to reward myself with one bottle/km and went bonkers on the sale (again) so I ended up getting six. Now, I am quite close to my next goal, 10k in 1h but I promise not to get 10 new bottles to celebrate this (and if I ever become crazy enough to do marathons, I won't buy 42.195 new bottles).

Finished bottles: 1 (Need to finish 7 more)

Finished samples: 7 (Need to finish 7 more - hey, I might be able to do this!!)

Purchased bottles: six (quota exceeded by too many bottles)

Eulogies for the finished samples:

Far Away Bella(Avon): nice, refreshing soft floral. I was happy with my mini but no need to re-experience it.

Inle (Memo): fresh osmanthus-based floral with lovely tea note. Not my cup of tea, though (pun intended).

Soir Ensoleille (Bissoumine): Another very wearable soft, sweet floral from Bissoumine. I'd be delighted to get a full bottle as a gift but too fleeting to justify purchase. I loved wearing this, though.

Temps des Reves (Bissoumine): soft, sweet rosy dream. Again, I'd be delighted to get a full bottle as a gift but too fleeting to justify purchase.

Pink Sugar (Aquolina): long-lasting yumminess - caramel with a hint of licorice. Teeters on the edge of being cloying. If I didn't get a full bottle as a gift, I would have purchased one;)

La Vierge de Fer (Serge Lutens): lily with a hint of metallic notes and jasmine. Gorgeous and lasts all day. Want-list material, but I'll try to finish a few lilies before purchase.

Un Lys (Serge Lutens): the other gorgeous Lutens lily. Headier than La Vierge de Fer but not suffocating. I cannot decide which one I want and there is no way I am getting two more bell jars...

Boxeuses (Serge Lutens): My favorite out of the Lutens leathers. Lasts all day and somehow intensifies as time goes by. Leather was more prominent in the opening before the sweetness&plums take over. If the leather would stay more prominent during the drydown, I'd definitely get a bottle. Now I am not so sure.

Rebelle (Rihanna): Positive surprise of the month! Lovely sweet cocoa-gourmand heaven. I am very tempted to get a bottle but I think I have something similar to this stacked somewhere.

Sweet Oriental Dream (Montale): almondy rose drowned in honey…excellent longevity and great projection. Even closer to being cloying than Pink Sugar, I could not wear this very often. Smells great but sure if I could ever finish a bottle of this (especially with my current rate of finishing bottles).

Shalimar Souffle (Guerlain): This is more like a new perfume, not a recognizable flanker. Aquatic floral opening and watered-down Parfum du 68 in the drydown. I wont need a full bottle of this. Phew!

Finished bottle:

Un Bois Vanille (Serge Lutens): my signature, vanilla-coconut-woodsy-gourmand heaven. Thank God I got a bottle as a gift so I don't have to buy a new one.

My trophies (two blind buys, four loved ones):

Aroma Tonic (Lancome): I loved the old version and accidentally got a new one. I don't quite know whether I like the tea notes in this or not.

Alien Essence Absolue (Mugler): My favorite Alien!

Classique Intense (Jean Paul Gaultier): I love Classique and after seeing that FK did the Intense version there was no way I would have delayed purchasing this although it meant a blind buy. Not disappointed.

Bas de Soie (Serge Lutens): I didn't have anything so refined and elegant so of course I had to get it.

l'Orpheline (Serge Lutens): blind buy of the month…Very calm and composed, reminds my of Kyoto which I swapped away and missed. Not something I'd wear everyday but perfect for those days when poop hits the fan.

Like This (Etat Libre d'Orange): My scrumptious autumn perfume! I couldn't find the 30ml bottles anymore so had to secure a 50ml bottle. Plus the autumn is nearly here…

Wow! Congratulations for making it to the end of the post. What was your favorite out of the perfumes you sampled in August? Any blind buys or long-wanted treasures you purchased after careful consideration?

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Oh my! I am so proud of this month's stats:

Finished bottles: 2 (wopeee!!! need to finish 8 more)

Finished samples: 7 (need to 14 finish more)

Purchased/adopted/other sad excuses for getting new bottles: zero!!! (but still over my quota...)

As usual, short eulogies for those who have left my collection.

Finished samples:

Honour (Amouage): lovely innocent tuberose-centered floral. I liked it a lot despite its linearity and aquatic aspects, it really requires warmer weather to bloom. I would buy a bottle if it lasted longer. It is the only Amouage I have tried that can be described as fleeting or weak sillage:D. But I definitely need this as a shower gel.

Elle l'Aime (Lolita Lempicka): perfectly wearable summery scent with coconut and the same suntan lotion floral accord that is present in e.g. Terracotta and Datura Noir. I already have both of them so no need to get a bottle. Phew!

Fleur de Narcisse (l'Artisan): I am on a hopeless hunt for beautiful narcisse-based perfume (suggestions welcome). This was quite close to being the One, but it fades from my skin too fast to justify the purchase.

Dahlia Noir edt (Givenchy): Fresh fruity-floral, nice for summer days but not really my type.

Delicate Rose (Trussardi): a rose so delicate that the whole vial was spritzed during one day.

Hidden Fantasy (Britney Spears): quite nice and long-lasting sweet berry concoction. Not my type, though.

L Fleur de Corail (Lolita Lempicka): I thought this would be more different to L. It is not and I already have L so not FBW. Another phew!

Finished bottles:

Coccobello (Heeley): within the last 7 months I have actually finished a 10ml decant and a partial bottle of this so it says something. Wonderful, not overtly sweet beauty coconut. I miss this already so maybe I'll get a new bottle for next summer.

Forbidden Affair (Anna Sui): A drunk buy that shall not be missed. Quite ok for what it is (weak, generic summer fragrance) but life's too short to wear perfume that is anything less than fabulous.

So, how was your perfume month? Or any narcisse suggestions that might break my no-buy streak:p?

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