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From an eco-radical into a perfume lover

I ranted about my dear perfume-hating friend and her little darling who had quite an interest in perfumes some time ago and there has been a hilarious change in the circumstances. We have had quite a few coffees since then and many times I have been thinking that she might be wearing perfume or some scented lotion but haven't dared to ask until yesterday. It seems that Ayala Moriel's creations have charmed her socks off. And even the little darling has apparently been allowed to try some:)

I don't have any experience with naturals because the world of "normal perfumes" has provided enough opportunities for exploration but now I am getting very curious. I mean, if a person who hates perfume with passion suddenly converts into a fumehead, they must be something extraordinary. Maybe I'll steal a sniff of her fumes the next time I visit her. I know she has six (!!!) bottles and some sampling packages because we actually had a sensible conversation about perfume yesterday.

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