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I was dumb enough to approach this with great expectations of heliotrope&iris. It takes a lot of conscious sniffing to discern these notes, I ended up smelling like I had marinated myself with strong, dark rum. Which is not a bad thing but I appreciate it much more when sniffing it from a mug on a cold winter day:) Not the most wearable of the line but definitely interesting. Beast longevity, decent projection.

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My one-liner review for this would be easy, breezy, beautiful! It is a Kenzo vanilla (from the good old days). As this was released ages ago, I am not sure if my opinions are based on the actual product or aging process.

On my skin this is quite linear aquatic vanilla scent. If you love deep, spicy and sweet vanillas with decent throw, this is not for you. If you are looking for a no-brainer to drench yourself on warmer days (this needs heat to bloom), this is perfect. It will not suffocate people around you, but give you a soft veil of freshness (if you do not go trigger-happy). What I really like about this is the softness of aquatics, you are not washed by a calone tsunami. There is a soft hint of generic ”cedar” and hay but the main player is vanilla.

My bottle is halfway empty, and I will happily spritz the rest during this summer. While I have really enjoyed this, I dont see a particular need for obsessive hunting or paying too much for this. It is a bit like a nice friend you meet on holiday: it is lots of fun to hang around, but no need for exchanging addresses and phone numbers when you return to reality. If a well-aged bottle falls onto your lap, try it but no need to feel like you are missing out something if it doesn’t.

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I have been hunting for the perfect lilac fragrance for 20 years and I have finally found it! The problem with others has been that they smell like toilet fresheners after two minutes (Lilas Mauve), have too much heliotrope (Sweet Morphine) or other stuff that suffocates the poor lilacs (En Passant, Lilac Love). French Lilac by Pacifica was close to perfect, but the burst of proper lilacs lasts about 10 minutes :(

I have had four lovely days with my small sample of A Lilac a Day and on good days it smells just like my mum's glorious purple lilac bushes: intoxicating honeyed wiff of real lilacs, a smell that is notoriously difficult to capture in perfumery.

On bad days, the indolic jasmine kicks in and the first two hours smell like someone is burning rubber behind that gorgeous lilac bush... and pooped heavily nearby. However, mr f's bloodhound nose did not detect any poopiness even on those days so it might be due to the way my brain associates indoles. However, after the two-hour mark, it is pure lilac bliss...for straight ten hours!!! It turns a little powdery, but never goes to the thin toilet-freshener territory that too many wannabe-lilacs do.

A real gem and warmly recommended to lilac lovers, those who want to experiment with skanky fragrances but are not yet in Sarrasins phase, or anyone who has sniffed too many boring releases and wants to be positively surprised. Longevity is great, at least 10 hours, and sillage is very good (go easy on the dosing). My review is based on a dab sample, so I have no idea how this behaves when sprayed.

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I don't like ozonic, aquatic or green scents and strong coconut gives me a headache so this was not a perfume I thought I'd fall in love with. I am glad I gave it a chance, though. From the bottle it smells very green and the first few minutes after application it is only sharpish greenness, no coconut whatsoever (at least not that horrible plasticky thing you smell in cheap body lotions).

In 20 minutes Coccobello slowly morphs into lovely beachy coconut. It is not sweet or overtly ozonic, just perfect greenish coconut with a hint of sweetness. It is quite linear which is not a bad thing because it is rather pleasant. It is not the most exciting perfume, but nevertheless a pleasure to wear in summer days.

I don't do seasons but somehow I am not able to wear it during winter. It needs some warmth to bloom. It has the similar seaside vibe as Womanity (minus fig and caviar/seaweed). Worth trying if you are looking for a summer scent, especially if you think you hate coconut or are one of the unlucky ones who would love Womanity but think it smells like female genitalia.

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Rose Nacree du Desert is Guerlain’s take on the classic rose-oud combination that is beautifully executed in many attars. I have been on a quest for The Perfect Dark Rose for a while and was lucky enough to obtain a two 5ml samples from my favourite Guerlain exclusives stockist.

The opening is a beautiful rose without the fresh citrus note that attar fans might expect. The perfume develops quite fast to warm, darker rose thanks to saffron and woody notes. Patchouli and saffron are not very obvious, they just add warmth and a hint of earthiness. On my skin oud and benzoin dominate the drydown. The rose lasts about 2h on my skin and is completely gone in 3h while the dark base lasts for ages. I would prefer a bit more rosy drydown and will stick to attars (and Lyric&Epic EDPs) in future.

I would recommend this to people who are interested in the middle Eastern influences in perfumery but do not like wearing oils or are afraid of the strength of Arabic perfumes. The oud in this one is not overtly animalic (very similar to Surrati's Tom Oud or Tom Ford's Oud Wood), but dirty enough to upset those with hygiene obssesion. If you like your roses clean, keep looking elsewhere:)

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Definitely my favourite YR. If it was more long-lasting, it would be in my top-ten. I agree with the previous reviewer, it definitely has some similarities with JPG classique (sweet vanillic floriental) but what I really love is the slightly bitter narcissus-like whiff in the opening.

The opening is very strong but it quickly settles down to an arms-length radius sweet floriental cloud with a hint of honey or pollen. Warm and gorgeous but sadly gone in 1.5 h :( (I had the yellow-cap version).

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What a pleasant surprise! On application, it smelled a bit cologney but the drydown is delightful. Luckily, the drydown is very linear. Fresh licorice complimented by lemony greenness of verbena and a hint of ginger. Patchouli and basil are very soft-spoken. They just emphasise the deliciousness.

I am a great fan of licorice and would warmly recommend this one to those who like Lolita Lempicka but find it a bit too heavy. Or people who want to smell really lovely but not like everyone else.

I was impressed by the longevity, the edt lasts about 5h on skin, much longer on clothes. The projection is perfect: noticeable but not overpowering.

I had a 2ml sample and I think I need a bottle for next summer. Or actually, this one makes me smile even in the middle of the gray&dull winter days so I think I need a bottle soon!

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I love the first two hours of Byzance! It reminds me a bit of another long-lost treasure, Guerlain’s Guet-Apens (mixed with Mayotte): opulent swirl of flowers, some incense, spices and amber. Tuberose is the most prominent flower, but in this one it is not animalic or dirty but rather sweet. There is a hint of roses too. But there is no point in trying to dissect the individual notes of this complex harmony, it is much better when enjoyed from your skin.

The flowers get a bit more subdued but they never fade out entirely, although the soapy aldehydes take the main stage during drydown. The last stage of this gorgeous morpher is beautiful, woody floral plushiness that surrounds you like a protective aura.

I do not think that this is dated in any way, but it belongs to a different era of perfumery. Those who do not like the eighties-vibe will not appreciate this. But if you have sniffed sixty-eight modern releases that smell so similar that you cannot remember their names on the next day, this might be the one to revive your nostrils.

The opening is very strong and overall sillage is very good during the entire life span. It literally lasts all day on me. My review is based on a generous sample.

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I don’t do seasons and love orientals&sweet gourmands so this was the outlier in my wardrobe: a fresh scent that I never used during winter. The projection is quite strong for the first 1.5h and definitely detectible but not overpowering after that. The gorgeous freshness lasts about 8h on me.

I am a bit surprised how polarizing this is but would be curious to know how many of the negative reviews are based on just quick tests or first impressions. I don’t get any disgusting whiffs of rotten fish or metal smells. The opening is a bit unpleasant because the seaweed-caviar saltiness is so strong, but this lasts only a few minutes. Some of the saltiness remains as an interesting undertone, but the next eight hours are just wonderful fig leaf freshness. This reminds me of a walk by the seaside: salty air, some seaweed clinging on the rocks. Beautiful!

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a unique fresh scent and especially those who think fresh perfumes are boring. I had a 50 ml bottle and will likely buy a new one for next summer.

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The opening reminds me of Narciso Rodriguez: beautiful radiant woody floral. The name really says it all. Sadly, this luminous elegant aura vanishes completely after 3 hours. If I press my nose to my skin, the most gorgeous edible musky vanilla skin scent remains until the end of the day. This perfume is an elegant lady with kinky secrets:) Those who sniff you from the distance during the day will get very different idea of you than the person who will get to the sniffing distance later on.

I would recommend this to those who are searching for elegant perfume with a twist and do not have perfume-eating skin. My review is based on wearing a sample on a couple of days.

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