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FjordanFjordan 15 days ago
Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) - Roja Parfums

Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) The most powerful fragrance ever
I’ve recently tried the cologne version of elysium and was disappointed. I smelt some nice fruity cola style scent but found it to be very weak, or I was just unable to smell it. Then I try this, one spray on the wrist and wow it’s...

FjordanFjordan 2 months ago
Y (Eau de Parfum) - Yves Saint Laurent

Y (Eau de Parfum) Very sweet
I liked this when I first purchased it. Then as time went on either I became more used to it or the sweet smells of the fragrance became stronger. When I smell this now it still evokes happy emotions of when I first wore ot, however now if I smell it for more...