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23.03.2012 16:04 Uhr

I was cordially invited to attend a fantastic luncheon yesterday at Neiman Marcus. The guest speaker was none other than Roberto Ferreira, curator for Creed perfumes. While Roberto harbors a great deal of information about the history and processes of the Creed house, he is also a fragrance aficionado. There was plenty of discussion about Creed's products, but he was also willing to talk about many other aspects of the perfume business in general.

The afternoon ended with a very nice gift of three 10ml rollerball samples of Vintage Tabarome, Aubépine Acacia and Cuir de Russie. Overall, it was a very interesting afternoon.

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28.01.2012 04:07 Uhr

I received my Arab Fragrance Explorer Package from Apicius. He was gracious enough to put together a collection of eight scent based on oud. Amazingly enough, the package arrived in about 7 days. There was some conversation that ensued on the forum about some members having packages come up missing that were in transit to the USA. No such troubles here and it arrived safe and leak free. Thanks again, Apicius.

It has been very interesting testing some of the oud scent. Many were truly arabic in nature. I have a few reviews to compose and some opinions but all is due time.

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