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Flaconneur Flaconneur 7 years ago
I have thoroughly enjoyed the task, Greysolon.
Greysolon Greysolon 7 years ago
Flaconneur, sorry it's taken so long to respond but I just saw your comment to my modest collection. What a nice bit of praise coming from someone so knowledgable. Thanks! Needless to say, your collection is beyond impressive!
BTW, I hope you've enjoyed turning my brain inside out playing the "Guess that scent" game. Perfect Man Alternative was just plain devious ;^)
Flaconneur Flaconneur 8 years ago
Thanks, Iris983. All my choices are things I love.
Iris983 Iris983 8 years ago
Niche collection! Beautiful!
Flaconneur Flaconneur 8 years ago
Thanks, Thatsmr2usir.
Thatsmr2usir Thatsmr2usir 8 years ago
Great collection you have! :)
Flaconneur Flaconneur 8 years ago
Sorry, Eternity but the Diors' I use to love have been reformulated and unbearable now. I was never a Chanel fan but I might have to revisit this house. Thanks for you comments.
Eternity Eternity 8 years ago
96 and no Chanels or Diors on board? You really make a point with that :-)
Flaconneur Flaconneur 8 years ago
@ DonVanVliet, Thanks for your comments regarding my modest collection. 4711 is available in the U.S. and has been available for many years. You just have to know where to find it.
FrieMo FrieMo 8 years ago
Marvellous collection. I'm surprised too, about 4711 and Tabac Original.
DonVanVliet DonVanVliet 8 years ago
wonderful collection.. they sell 4711 in the US? ;-)