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FlavoriteFlavorite 7 years ago
Thanks Tar! You are so kind!
TarTar 7 years ago
Here I am again to compliment your picture :-) I really like it!
FlavoriteFlavorite 8 years ago
Tar, thank you so much for your kind words...I am a beginner photographer and the encouragement really helps. Thanks :)
TarTar 8 years ago
And I will visit your page again and again to compliment your picture :)
TarTar 8 years ago
Wow! Your picture is really nice and gets on well with Autumn :-)
CrypticCryptic 9 years ago
It's great to see you jumping right in the deep end with reviews, which I am quite enjoying, by the way. Glad to have you here. :)
FlavoriteFlavorite 9 years ago
Thank You All! Glad to be here!
FlaconneurFlaconneur 9 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, Flavorite. Nice of you to join us.
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Flavorite, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!