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Scent 10.0
féminin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

féminin Pluriel„Enchanting!”
Maison Francis Kurkjian: FEMININ PLURIEL This is just downright lovely on me! I turned my head slightly just after spritzing because the scent wafting from my wrists was so alluring. A decidedly rare, unusually clean and delicate floral chypre as it reads on my skin....

22 months ago
Rubj (Voile d'Extrait) by Vero Profumo

Rubj (Voile d'Extrait)„Fruit Syrup”
Vero Profumo RUBJ (Voile d’Extrait) • This review applies only to the Rubj Voile d’Extrait, NOT the Extrait de Parfum or the EDP. Opens with a blast of intensely bitter orange woody bergamot that softens after a bit into a subdued mandarin. There is no blast...


Exciter76Exciter76 4 years ago
I've missed your intelligence and wit... It's good to see you!
CakeCuddlesCakeCuddles 4 years ago
Hey I've been missing you Rosa :) remember me :P??
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 4 years ago
Hi Optimist! The Intellectual Lady welcomes you! Yay!
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 4 years ago
Welcome to Fragrantica Pink Ruffles! Yay!
OptimistOptimist 4 years ago
Hi,FloraMilena(The Intellectual Lady).Thanks very much for warm welcoming.
PinkRufflesPinkRuffles 4 years ago
Aww!! Thanks FloraMilena!! Thanks for recommending this website to me!!
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 4 years ago
Hey Daisy Dukes! Welcome to Parfumo! Drigsby's around here too! Enjoy your DO SON!
DaisyDukesDaisyDukes 4 years ago
It's like you could predict the future! I'm being harassed on another site. I didn't defend the admins but I suggested that they were doing the best they can.

It's nice over here but you and Drigsby are bad influences. I just ordered do son ;)
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 4 years ago
Hey Drigsby and Beachgirl! Great to see ya here! Yay!
Beachgirl2Beachgirl2 4 years ago
Hi FloraMilena,

Just wanted to say hi!