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FlorblancaFlorblanca 6 years ago
Amarige (Parfum) - Givenchy

Amarige (Parfum) The Victory
For more than two years, she has been preparing for this day. She has not spared herself during this time to improve her performance over and over again. She wanted the victory, only once, and despite all the oddities, but first of all for herself. She wanted...

FlorblancaFlorblanca 6 years ago
Rosa Damas - Première Note

Rosa Damas I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray
Rosa Damas - clearly that such a name attracts me. However, I was not ready to spend over 100 euros for it. Brand unknown, fragrance scarcely known, thus went on search and obtained at a more than moderate price a full...

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FlorblancaFlorblanca 10 years ago
Interview with Ramón Monegal 11th July 2012 during his Germany visit
Florblanca:         Ramón, when did your passion for fragrances begin? Was it a logical development because of the history of the family Monegal? Ramón:            Ultimately, yes. Originally, it was the desire of my father, but it came later. When... More
FlorblancaFlorblanca 10 years ago
A real little success story.
Because of several searches within the WWW it happened that in November 2011 I also found the brand Ramón Monegal. I learned, that Ramón Monegal Maso is the grandson of Esteve Monegal Prat, the legendary head and most successful leader of  Myrurgia. After his studies in Grasse and Geneva and after a 40 years successful carrer at Myrurgia, Puig and other... More


Ich kann kaum glauben, ...
Ich kann kaum glauben, ...
Diese Augen...
Diese Augen...
Ein wunderbares Geschen...
Ein wunderbares Geschen...


GothicHeartGothicHeart 7 years ago
You are most welcome Florblanca. And Pompon girl sends her thanks too. Along with mine of course.
GoldGold 8 years ago
Liebe Flori!
Ach, meine Bilder photographiert ja fast alle mein Mann (nur die seltsamen, unperfekten sind von mir mit meinem Handy gemacht). Und Roland liebt puristische Photos. Ich dagegen fühle mich viel mehr von Deinen Bildern angesprochen, die sind so stimmungsvoll, greifen immer das Parfumthema auf, sind ausdrucksstark. Aber ich hätte gar nicht diese fantastischen Ideen, die Du ständig entwickelst - und deswegen nochmals: CHAPEAU! Es macht Riesenspaß, bei Dir zu gucken, ich würde fast sagen, zu lustwandeln. Wundervoll, daß wir dieses Hobby hier mit so vielen Leuten teilen können. Eine dicke virtuelle Umarmung!!! J.
ViolaodorataViolaodorata 8 years ago
wall and also Pinnwand ;)
waving to you from Switzerland - herzliche Grüsse
DemonHeadDemonHead 8 years ago
Your photos and montages are beautiful!
I have uploaded my Petit Fleur Bleue photo, but it must be approved before it appears. I love Godet parfums. :)
DarkMatterDarkMatter 8 years ago
Vielen Dank für Ihre freundlichen Kommentar zu meinem Foto :-)
GothicHeartGothicHeart 8 years ago
I cannot decide which one's the most beauteous part in this picture. Dolores Costello, or Molinard? Thank you very much for your comment and I'm very glad you liked it!
Boszka79Boszka79 8 years ago
Thank you for your comment on my Rancé photo! Much appreciate it!
PerfumecrazyPerfumecrazy 8 years ago
Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my Crystal Castle photo... if you ever get to Australia do visit Crystal Castle. It is a beautiful, peaceful experience.
GothicHeartGothicHeart 9 years ago
Thank you for your kind comment...
HayvenHayven 9 years ago
Great pictures of your perfumes! :)