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A real little success story.

Because of several searches within the WWW it happened that in November 2011 I also found the brand Ramón Monegal. I learned, that Ramón Monegal Maso is the grandson of Esteve Monegal Prat, the legendary head and most successful leader of  Myrurgia.

After his studies in Grasse and Geneva and after a 40 years successful carrer at Myrurgia, Puig and other Spanish perfume brands, Ramón Monegal has built his own business beginning of 2010 and started to create his own, exclusive fragrances.

Because of a strong stroke of fate, concerning his youngest son Hector, the business was more or less put on ice fort wo years. In January 2012 it has been re-started, after Hectors nearly complete recovery and can start a good and successful life.

Ramón Monegals three children are actively working within their father’s business. The eldest son Óscar (27 of age) and his little brother Hector (18 of age) are working for commecrial issues within the company and Laura (20 of age) will receive an ambitious education as the new „nose“ of the house Monegal, having inherited the talent of her father.

Ramón Monegal decided in January 2012 to limit the collection to 14 fragrances and eliminate the „group“ classification. Currently the website is being updated to become a great and beautiful, user friendly international sales and marketing instrument.

Since about 8 weeks I’m in permanent contact with the house Ramón Monegal through the brand Manager of RM. He told me a lot of very interesting details about Ramón Monegal and his family, about the expansion activities in Europe and in USA and he informed me, that the fragrances are already - of course except of Spain - available in Italy.

In one of my earlier blogs (in German only) I informed, that I received in November 2011 from Ramón Monegal 23 sample vials, which in the meantime have been reparted all over Germany and many parfumo.net members are excited about the wonderful fragrances.

A former parfumo member, who is a friend of mine, has presented the fragrances to Georg Wuchsa and Georg contacted Ramón Monegal.

Since this week the Ramón Monegal fragrances can be purchased also in Germany at ALzD: http://www.ausliebezumduft.de/duefte/ramon-monegal.html


In addition Ramón Monegal wrote a book – more a story – about perfumes and I’m happy and proud to say, that I will receive one of these books, signed by the author himself soon. 

I have already received three magnificend fragrances and I’m very happy about it, especially as these are my preferred fragrances (Ambra di Luna, Mon Vetiver and L'Eau de Cologne).

The 50ml flacon – called inkpot – has been created by Ramón Monegal himself like his fragrances. Currently Óscar Monegal is surching with his father for a bigger production facility.


As the brand and the fragrances are now listed at parfumo.net / parfumo.de because of my application, they can be seen in many countries and Ramón Monegal will be contacted by distributors from other European countries – it seems that this already happened – what makes me very proud and happy.

It is a marvelous feeling of succes, when such activities result in contacts and successful businesses. I will continue to stay in contact with the house Ramón Monegal and report about news.


In the following some pictures of Ramón Monegal, the exclusive shop in Barcelona and the logo:

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