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For more than two years, she has been preparing for this day. She has not spared herself during this time to improve her performance over and over again. She wanted the victory, only once, and despite all the oddities, but first of all for herself. She wanted to know, wanted to prove to herself that she could do it if she just worked hard enough.

Then it was her turn and she showed her best performance, better than in all training sessions and better than in any other competition that she completed - as a kind of training unit - within the last year. When she finished she knew she had made it! Even if a few other candidates came after her, they were all too far back to the preliminaries.

Full of happiness, she went into the resting room, pulled the rubber from her long, blond hair and shook it right. She opened her bag and took out her little bottle. Semicircle, like a handcuffer and heavy as a stone. She turned the ground plug slightly and dabbed a drop of her favorite perfume behind each ear: Amarige!

It is her very personal scent and now also her winner's perfume. But she always bought the extrait, because this did not have the sharpness and scratchiness of EdT or EdP.

It starts with slightly sour fruits, which she does not like so much, but luckily it flies very fast and then appear all the flowers, which she loves so much. She feels Amarige as a cool scent, with a cornucopia of all "cool" flowers, like lily of the valley, violet, jasmine, honeysuckle and the like. A bright yellow rose is also included. The scent is luminous, even radiant and fits to her, like no other.

Amarige also lasts very long and is also very good noticeable in her surrounding. When she wears it, she feels safe and strong. She knows she can achieve anything she wants.

At the Victory, she takes the golden cup and the beautiful bouquet of flowers, which, without a doubt, tries to smell her perfume.

After a long and so successful day, she comes home, peels off the shoes and puts the bouquet into the vase. Then she pours herself a splendid tea and cuddles herself into her sofa, now accompanied by the quiet, gentle side of her perfume. Although the flowers are still present, but now accompanied by powdery and woody notes.

Happy and satisfied she falls asleep on her sofa ...

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Rosa Damas - clearly that such a name attracts me. However, I was not ready to spend over 100 euros for it. Brand unknown, fragrance scarcely known, thus went on search and obtained at a more than moderate price a full Flakon.

This bottle is made of thick glass and quite heavy, the cap - also very heavy - of gold-colored metal. The brand is embossed on the top, the perfume name bears a gold-colored, metallic label on the bottle. Puristic and clear - a coherent picture.

With such a bottle, it was clear to me from the outset that this is not a playful romance for young girls and also no boudoir rose for elderly Froleins. The fragrance had to be as clear and straight as the bottle.

I should be right, because Rosa Damas starts with a very - really very - peppery note. Please do not smell your pepper pot, it's not that peppery, but fresh peppery. Pepper grains still on the bush and when they are crushed between the fingers, they smell the same! Green, sharp and fresh. The rosehip stands for the slightly fruity fragrance, which however very soon disappears behind the bush. Of course I can not perceive any clove (yes, I know how it smells)!

Rose and peonies are joined quite quickly to the rich pepper grains, which, however, is preserved and does not disappear until the end. The rose is just as fresh as the pepper, it also shows no flourishes, but its pink flower in full size. The peony makes the composition even lighter and more vibrant.

In the base, rose and pepper are placed on wood and cover also amber and musk. The two last mentioned so have no chance even to evoke.

This is definitelly a completely different rose, a rose, which should not be found in the mainstream certainly. I like her because she is the complete opposite of the Rose Extreme of Micallef, which I recently received. Rosa Damas is a rose for the day, for every day, for all days, especially for the gray days, because she can bring high spirits.

Now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the grey!

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This fragrance has been introduced two years ago while the house J. del Pozo made a big secret around it and his masculine counterpart. Since this year now is it available also in Europe - in Germany parfumdreams is fulfilling our dreams of arabian nights.

But is it really a fulfillment of our dreams...

As curious as I am I ordered one of these bottles within the WWW, looking for the lowest possible purchase price. Finally it was a blind purchase and therefore I had a purchase price limit.

Usually I'm opening such packages very carefully and serene; but in this case I was very impatient and I wanted to know rapidly, how these arabian nights are smelling. The relative big box was still in its cellophane cover and I pulled it off with one rip.
I opened the box and took out the bottle, a heavy dark-purple glass bottle with mate golden bottom and top caps. T(not removable) bottom cap shows punched-out stars - the same motive is shown on the top cap as coinage. From the top down the bottle looks like a hexagon, a frequently natural design - e. g. honeycombs or snow flakes have this form.

I sprayed it immediatelly and I expected a olfactory A-bomb; abundant, bombastic, overloaded in each way. But I was totally wrong!

Arabian Nights is starting absolutely fresh with a juicy, alcoholic orange note and a bit of cinnamon. I guess the pink pepper is creating this alcoholic first impression. A very pleasant entrance.

The heart note is fruity-floral but I can not notice any frankincense, which would have been very suitable here. The date juice allows a cushioned sweet background noticeable only directly on my skin.

This fruity-floral accord lasts with no doubt about 6 hours before the warm and resinous base accord gets importance. This base accord is totally different to the heart note and therefore extremely beautiful for me. At night, going to bed, I could smell the heart note and the next morning I woke up with the wonderful base with perfectly aligned on each other.

Today I'm wearing Arabian Nights the whole day already and I enjoy every hour the wonderful development of this fragrance.

No matter if arabian nights are smelling like this, with Arabian Nights the fragrance lover gets a first-class composed perfume at an acceptable price.

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I was born and grew up in the Czech Republik, exactly at the Erzgebirge. 4711 was the very first "perfume" I got to know. My grannies used it as well as my grand pa's and also my parents used it again and again. Later my mother got a "Tosca" from Germany - a gift from a friend of her - and she used it extremely careful and very seldom.

As kids we got rubed it on the forehead skin having headache and when our stomach was bad, we got a sugar cube with a little bit 4711 to suck it. This really helped - against headache and against brakishness.

Today I'm using 4711 when travelling - especially for longer trip - it's unpayable! It refreshes, it wakes up and makes the head cool and free. My husband is using 4711 when he doesn't like to use any fragrance, because 4711 is just minty-lemon freshness.

The smell: not overloaded, fresh, citrus and peppermint freshness, classic - this is how a "Eau de Cologne" should smell.

And yes, I'm a fan of 4711 - even if it's no longer a Mäurer & Wirz product - and I hope it will not disappear from the market!

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L'Inspiratrice is the first Divine fragrance that I get to know, thanks to Igraines generous filling. Thank you again!

This floral fragrance is different from many others of that type, but also diffrent from what I would have expected. An explicit fragrance pyramid is not named here, nevertheless, I think it has one!

The prelude of the first minutes is lavishly fruity, fresh and flowery. It has a richness that is astonishing. It has the fruitiness of red berries that are not mentioned above but nevertheless dominate the head note. The passage to the heart note is the bergamot with its citric green, slightly bitter fruitiness.

From the heart note onwards blossoms dominate the development, and most of all, the rose. It is a dark and noble strong-scented rose in its full splendour. It is accompnied by Ylang-Ylang which brings in a sweet softness. Not too much, so the fragrance does not drift away into the gourmand style, but just as much as to bear the beauty of the rose. The fragrance keeps this accord for a really long time.

It is not a fragrance for nice and neat little females. It is a fragrance for „La Donna“, for a vamp, for the woman in itself. I love it.

The sillage is perfect because the fragrance cloaks its wearer in luxuriant garments. The longevity is tremendous and consoderably prolongs the enjoyment of the base notes.

Slowly, the sweetness of the base note becomes less, the fragrance gets softer and more round, with a few green notes twinkling in between. It is simply the perfect fragrance for me and I' sure it will become part of my collection one day.

(Translation: Apicius & Florblanca)

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