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11 days ago
Scent 9.0
Night Aoud by M. Micallef

Night Aoud„Wonderful Spiritual Smell;”
One of the most beautiful Aouds I know. Because of the fruitiness, this aoud is not so dark and serious. It is an oriental fragrance with fruit (peach) but also beautiful woody tones. The drydown is great. You imagine yourself in an oriental fairy tale and it really...

21 days ago
Scent 10.0
Vanisia by Creed

Vanisia„Beautiful Amber Vanilla”
The ingredients in this eau de parfum are very exclusive. You really smell this. The combination Amber and Vanilla is delicious. It is stylish and elegant and you can wear it to chic occasions. Sometimes I wear it at home to enjoy the smell myself. It is also...


FloreFlore 5 years ago
Hello Apicius,

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