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11 days ago
Scent 9.5
Rose Evernia by Firn Botanical Fragrance

Rose Evernia„Rough Rose & Oak Moss”
**Brand** Natural scents that are close to the wilderness are a niche in the niche. Some of you will know Juniper Ridge at least by name. Barnaby Black is their little brother, so to speak. And Firn Fragrances? The little sister! Who also lives in the forest,...

13 months ago
Scent 10.0
Fig by Aftelier

Fig„Fig Oasis”
I'm conviced that some brands here aren't tested because the flacon doesn't appeal to you. And I'm also convinced that in many cases the flacon photo is just outdated ;) Like here with Aftelier, which I figured to classify as esoteric vintage for women, whereas the actual...

Perfume Blog

4 days ago

Fluxit„An Overview of 100+ Natural Perfumery Brands”
Many brands claim to use natural ingredients. And many do. But when it comes to 100% natural perfumes, it's a whole different story. I can't count the times when an engaged sales person was praising their pure nature fragrances until I checked the INCI list and found plenty of unpleasant chemistry inside.Now, disclaimer first: All-natural fragrances are not necessarily better or even healthier than their synthetic counterparts. They can be, and synthetic perfume manufacturers still enjoy ludicrous...


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CrypticCryptic 12 months ago
Dear Fluxit... The Durga is utterly unwearable but I perversely treasure it as a sort of olfactory post card of certain parts of the American Southwest. Grazie mille for the kind fig recommendations. :)
ScentFanScentFan 16 months ago
Hi, Fluxit. Thanks for referring me to your interesting German blog. I'll visit your list of natural perfumers. I'd post a reply there but mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.
AnessaAnessa 17 months ago
Thank you for your reply on my comment, it'll be a while until I'd be able to afford the Sharini fragrances, but they are on my 'radar' for sure, after your wonderful reports, also with the background information you provide :) And I'll surely share my impression of them here. I also don't receive any reply notifications, so it's fine by me with time lags, I appreciate your writing any time :) Cheers and thank you for your great project!
CrypticCryptic 2 years ago
Ha! I'm with you on the horrors of inconsistent software design. Thanks for the Oscar Wilde quote, which was new to me. Perhaps he was praising random and erratic art, which is a lot more marketable than random and erratic software. :)
CrypticCryptic 2 years ago
Hi, Fluxit! Thank you for the nice comment. Last year I switched from a point-and-shot camera to a much more complicated one with lots of settings, and at first I couldn't get an entire shot in focus to save my life. To make it easier I shot mostly miniatures until I became comfortable with the camera, which is why you see all those round caps; that's how the SL minis are packaged. After I moved on to full sized bottles I continued to use the same caps for consistency. Is that OCD, too, I wonder? ;) Thanks again and happy sniffing. :)