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FluxitFluxit 3 years ago
Landscape Scents - Muga - Bravanariz

Landscape Scents - Muga Unplain Plains
In the Bravanariz portfolio, Muga belongs to the trio of landscape fragrances. As with Juniper Ridge & consortia, materials are collected in the wilderness to be composed into 100% natural perfumes. Unlike JR, Barnaby Black or Firn Fragrance, Bravanariz...

FluxitFluxit 3 years ago
Landscape Scents - Cala - Bravanariz

Landscape Scents - Cala Cala Laudanum
When I tested Cala in a Berlin store, I immediately thought of "Sola Laudanum" by KoRo Perfumes. Both pure natural perfumes. It is clear to me that this fairly unknown perfumes cannot give reasonable orientation to most of the folks here, therefore...

New Articles

FluxitFluxit 4 years ago
An Overview of 100+ Natural Perfumery Brands
Many brands claim to use natural ingredients. And many do. But when it comes to 100% natural perfumes, it's a whole different story. I can't count the times when an engaged sales person was praising their pure nature fragrances until I checked the INCI list and found plenty of unpleasant chemistry inside.Now, disclaimer first: All-natural fragrances are not necessarily... More


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