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Coco (Eau de Parfum) by Chanel

Coco (Eau de Parfum)„Coco is a Classic!”
Coco was the first fragrance I got from Chanel. I tried them all. And I loved many of them equally, but Coco truly related to me as my type of fragrance. When I first got her back in 2011 at Saks Fifth Ave on 5th I tested her and she was amazing. But it wasn't until...

6 years ago
Betsey Johnson by Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson„Betsey Johnson Betsy Johnson 2006”
Betsey Johnson is known for her past entrance into the fashion industry and in 2006 she came out with this fragrance. Because the fragrance totally represents her spunkiness i wouldn't expect anything less. Pro's: This is a fruity gourmand fragrance...


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