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FoustieFoustie 7 years ago
Sel Marin - Heeley

Sel Marin Transparent, cool, contemporary.
I know Sel Marin. I've had it since around the time that it was launched and I'm on my second bottle. Sel Marin smells fresh. It smells simple. It smells great. It smells like you have just been hit in the face by seaspray. You...

FoustieFoustie 7 years ago
I-II Montecristo - Masque

I-II Montecristo Rich and compelling. Terrific!
A rich and compelling fragrance. Classical with a pinch of weird. Terrific! When I first smelled the opening notes of Montecristo I didn't think that I liked it. Now, having worn it several times I don't know why I ever thought...


MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Welcome back, Foustie! Yet another face that was sorely missed. What a lovely day. :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
Tested it only briefly but your description entices me to have another go. :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
What a lovely account of 'Jardins d'Armide (2013)', Foustie - definitely review-worthy. :)
OmniOmni 8 years ago
Greetings Foustie. I had a slight skin prickle to one of the Oriza Legrands I have been reviewing from their samples. Oakmoss perhaps? I miss it truly madly deeply when the man wears Devin and I am reminded of the halcyon days when I sneezed up the entire telephone exchange. Those old corded boards were full of dust and reeked of Cabochard
MiaTrostMiaTrost 9 years ago
Welcome, Foustie! I missed last week's synchronised Friday - of all things when leather is the theme.
hedonist222hedonist222 9 years ago
ohhh lovely to see you here Foustie.

place is feeling more homey
QuarryQuarry 9 years ago
Hey, hey, hey! [Runs toward Foustie, knocking her down, apologizing, helping her up.] Isn't this a gracious environment? Yes, you can chose your background wallpaper. The directory is soothingly well organized, and a person can even add to it, which I have. I still have to add a bunch of things to my "have sampled" list, and I mean to add more reviews. It's just a click back and forth ’twixt here and our other home, so why not?
DrseidDrseid 9 years ago
Great to see you here, Foustie!
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Foustie, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!