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MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Welcome back, Foustie! Yet another face that was sorely missed. What a lovely day. :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
Tested it only briefly but your description entices me to have another go. :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
What a lovely account of 'Jardins d'Armide (2013)', Foustie - definitely review-worthy. :)
OmniOmni 8 years ago
Greetings Foustie. I had a slight skin prickle to one of the Oriza Legrands I have been reviewing from their samples. Oakmoss perhaps? I miss it truly madly deeply when the man wears Devin and I am reminded of the halcyon days when I sneezed up the entire telephone exchange. Those old corded boards were full of dust and reeked of Cabochard
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
Welcome, Foustie! I missed last week's synchronised Friday - of all things when leather is the theme.
hedonist222hedonist222 8 years ago
ohhh lovely to see you here Foustie.

place is feeling more homey
QuarryQuarry 8 years ago
Hey, hey, hey! [Runs toward Foustie, knocking her down, apologizing, helping her up.] Isn't this a gracious environment? Yes, you can chose your background wallpaper. The directory is soothingly well organized, and a person can even add to it, which I have. I still have to add a bunch of things to my "have sampled" list, and I mean to add more reviews. It's just a click back and forth ’twixt here and our other home, so why not?
DrseidDrseid 8 years ago
Great to see you here, Foustie!
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Hello Foustie, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!