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Foxtrot901Foxtrot901 3 years ago
Euphoria Men Intense (Eau de Toilette) - Calvin Klein

Euphoria Men Intense (Eau de Toilette) Nothing special
Nothing special do not spend your money it is girly and cheap generic but overpriced. Although is way better off than the original euphoria, to be honest this the kind of fragrance that sells only based in the millions and millions in ridiculous...

Foxtrot901Foxtrot901 4 years ago
Homme 033 - L'Bel

Homme 033 Posh, Elegant and masculine
This is like a very rare and complex mixture of ultra expensive wines and liquors; Very sophisticated, elegant and masculine in a positive way. Very elegant lavender accord then all those fascinating Cognac and geranium notes come in, and finally...


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