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13 months ago
Scent 8.0
OR±White by UèrMì

OR±White„Unique, clean and hot”
This is a unique mixture of orange flower, tonka, iris and some other materials with aromachemicals among them. Smells different, clean and hot at the same time. Gourmandish but also woody in a strange synthetic way. It is a little bit harsh at the beginning...

19 months ago
Flash Back in New York by Olfactive Studio

Flash Back in New York„Another great fragrance by Olfactive Studio”
Woody, smoky, with a nice dose o vetiver in the heart, slightly leathery. Perfectly blended by Mr. Epinette. Very comfortable performance, nice sillage, lasts long on my skin. All in all great scent! IMO it is a more refined and less agressive...

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Signature Declaration accord wrapped in balsamic ambery tones similar to L'Envol EDP. Very nice varation on the classic theme. Good job!+4
Myths Man Myths Man - Amouage   Fqjcior 23 months ago
Totally unique mixture of soapy flowers with reisns and incredible ashy drydown. Fantastic but not for the faint of heart. 100% Amouage.+6
Él Él - Arquiste   Fqjcior 24 months ago
Strongly inspired buy the great masculine hairy chests perfumes of the past. Herbal and slightly animalic fougere very close to YSL Kouros.+4
A masterpiece and a game changer. One of a few really great perfumes in history. Timeless classic. A work of courage and genius. A winner.+3
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Where stone meet salty water and incensy smoke you will find Turquoise by Olivier Durbano. Mineral-watery-incensy work of olfactory art!+3
So different and so good! Little bit sweet, little bit floral, incensy and woody. Made of contradictions. Perfect sillage and longlasting!+4
Holy Grail of smoky and incensy perfumes. Masculine, mysterious and astonishingly wearable at the same time. On of my all time favourites.+4
Definitely a twin brother of Gucci Pour Homme with the same woody-incense'y accord. A perfect masculine and sophisticated scent.+4
It smells like old good Guerlain - Heritage. Incredibly good! I love that one and aiming for a full bottle.+4

Perfume Blog

2 years ago

Fqjcior„ Parfum d’Empire „Le Cri de la Lumière” – cry of light, smile of a woman”
The latest perfume proposal from Marc-Antoine Corticchiato – Le Cri de la Lumière – is a very feminine and sensual perfume, at the same time surprisingly modern as for the rather classic style of this talented perfumer. It also amazes me with its unusual construction and delights with distinct evolution...


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