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Franfan20Franfan20 1 month ago
Dragonfly (2021) - Zoologist

Dragonfly (2021) The climate at the pond has changed
With reduced humidity and more sunshine in its luggage, this dragonfly flight is less dancing and dreamy. The reinterpretation of Dragonfly puts the focus more intensively on the pond ecosystem and thus shows more of the green...

Franfan20Franfan20 1 month ago
Chipmunk - Zoologist

Chipmunk Stock-keeping in autumn
Do you hear the rustling over there in the pile of leaves? A cheerful whistle comes out of an accumulation of freshly fallen leaves. A chipmunk in search of food hides underneath. It is happy about the multitude of seeds and nuts it has already...

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Franfan20 2 years ago

Franfan20Young, creative and successful: a next generation perfumer - An Interview with Mathieu Nardin
Mathieu Nardin is one of the - meanwhile numerous - young, creative spirits in the world of perfumery. Already at the age of 23, after his studies, he started working at the company Robertet in Grasse and has since created a broad variety of fragrances for a diverse range of brands....

Franfan20 3 years ago

Franfan20Even with candles you can tell stories
The world of Imaginary Authors has finally been expanded to include the scented candles announced last year. There are currently two fragrances to choose from - "Meet Me In The Meadow" and "The Abandoned Mansion". And these also tie in seamlessly with the creative and fantasy-inspiring world of Imaginary Authors. The candles are made...


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