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Even with candles you can tell stories

The world of Imaginary Authors has finally been expanded to include the scented candles announced last year. There are currently two fragrances to choose from - "Meet Me In The Meadow" and "The Abandoned Mansion". And these also tie in seamlessly with the creative and fantasy-inspiring world of Imaginary Authors. The candles are made of soy wax, have a cotton wick and are colorfully packaged from the box to the glass with the smallest details. I can barely illuminate all details with photos, so I have only a small selection of angles to keep explorers curious. The candles are very big and heavy and therefore expensive. 11 oz (about 310 g) cost $ 65. The burning time is estimated as 60 hours, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the candles much longer with this sustainable product. It doesn't take long until the whole room fills with the particular fragrance, because these candles really have power. "Our candles have a very high concentration of perfume". I will sign this immediately. They smell very strong, even when not lit. This intensifies when burning accordingly. For me, "Meet Me In The Meadow" is a wonderful spring and summer fragrance, while I see "The Abandoned Mansion" quite clearly in autumn and winter, and only there.

"Meet Me In The Meadow": The fragrance notes are grapefruit, linden and pinot gris.

The smell is pleasantly fruity and fresh, very cozy and sweet. I like that immensely. For me, this creates a very dreamy mood, which suits the corresponding love story - a summer romance, very well. At the same time, however, the smell of a fresh summer meadow is imitated perfectly. Thus, the fragrance actually draws similarities to "The Soft Lawn" (the connection is inevitably, due to the linden note), but brings another facet to the scent with these fruity wine aspects. Therefore it is not primarily based on fresh grass, but the impression is there and I like it. It's another fragrance of the type "carefreeness, good mood, positive emotions". A scent to dream and watch shooting stars in the oh so sweet nature. I can recommend this candle to anyone because its smell is very pleasing. Here, the phrase "wine, woman and song" fits perfectly.

"The Abandoned Mansion": The fragrance notes are cedar, quince and paperbacks.

In my opinion, the scent is a special one, that I need to get used to. It is a very aromatic and woody smell with smoky aspects and apparently a pure cedar forest. Even if it is not smoked with cedar smoke, the smell reminds me abruptly of Black Forest ham. Ham?! Now of course you may think: Oh no, please don't! Yes, I also tend to think so, but getting used to is meant literal. Because after the candle burns for a while, I do not notice the ham impression so prominently anymore. And after all, this fragrance has also a corresponding story whose atmosphere is reflected appropriately. You can literally see the old mansion with the creaking wooden floors, the huge library and sense the smell of old, dusty wood. I would call the smell a classic fragrance for the fireplace, that's why I see it so strong in autumn and winter. It gives you that very special feeling of coziness at a warming fire with an old-time smell, which surely has its charm for the romantics among us. Nevertheless, I would recommend this candle clearly only to fans of smoky wood scents.

And so I can't say much more than that I have the feeling these two candles will probably last forever, because after 3 hours of burning only a minimal amount of wax is used up. I am curious how well they will keep their fragrance over time and, above all, which fragrances Josh will present to us in the future in candle form. For the ordinary consumer, these are clearly luxury items, but they can be very special gifts that are worth their price. Having recently tried several brands of scented candles, I'm truly positively surprised that burning these candles is also a real olfactory experience. As a fan of Josh's work, I am once more pleased that he delights with quality and sophistication again.