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17.04.2017 08:45 Uhr
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State of Mind - Experiencing tea and fragrance together

French brand State of Mind combines two aromatic passions together - fragrance and tea. They bring us fragrances inspired by lesser known teas types (at least to me and the European market, I assume) with the accompanying teas to drink.

In general I found the concept interesting and after some reports of the Esxence 2017 in Milan it evoked my curiosity to experience some of those exotic tea treats. The fragrance line offers a journey through different tea types and areas around the world. Most of them are inspired by asian teas, but we also encounter Eastern European, South American, African and Arabian variants. It offers an overview over black, green, white and red tea variants.

Generally I can say that all of the fragrances have very good longevity and are prominent in projection and sillage. You don’t need much to fill the room with an aroma of the tea of your choice. The Eau de Parfum concentration is fitting and I guess they should be easy to wear and not too heavy. Personally the darker ones - namely Modern Nomad and L’Âme Slave - were too much for me. My personal highlights were Secret of Success and Spontaneous Generosity.

The accompanying teas resemble the fragrances very well. I could not find any particular difference in the direction of scent except for Natural Elegance and Butterfly Mind where tea and fragrance smelled totally different to me. Their smell is intense as well and not too pungent except for L’Âme Slave and Modern Nomad again, which are just not the direction of scent that I like.

The teas are all loose and can be dosed on your own wishes for a personal experience of well-being. If you like green and black teas you will find a variety of tastes that you might not have experienced yet, if you only know the common types. Personally I liked Spontaneous Generosity and Butterfly Mind best, because of their sweet and chocolatey tendencies as I prefer fruity and white teas in general.

Finally I’d like to give an overview over the different scents. The teas mostly smell-alike, I will point out major differences. I can’t really speak for the taste as such in detail as I never drink my tea pure. I always pour sugar in it, no matter what. It's best to experience this for yourself since everybody has a different taste.

„Modern Nomad“ is a classic combination of Rose, Patchouli and Oud. I smell it quite often in different scents and brands. It is clearly one for the lovers of oriental flower scents with woody background, but not for me as it combines 3 notes that I don’t like.

„Natural Elegance“ was quite strange to me because it had a significant difference between perfume and tea. The tea is very fruity and peach-like while the fragrance is fresh at first and becomes dark and smoky afterwards which left me puzzled.

„Sense of Humor“ was rather fleeting, but intense during it’s stay. A very green citrus scent mixed with herbs that screamed green all over. For the citrus lovers it might be interesting since it has a high dose of bitter zests. As usual with citrus scents it fell short in comparison to the rest of the collection.

„Aesthetic Turbulence“ is probably the one I associate with tea the most initially because of its highly dose of spice that reminds me of herbal tea immediately. It’s peppery and green with a roasted aspect, rich with chili and crackles.

„Creative Inspiration“ is the one for the powder lovers. It is all powdery and comforting with it’s iris and rice notes that lay on your skin like make-up.

„Voluptuous Seduction“ is a fruity and floral one with a high dose of apple. Reminiscent of the scent of eglantine it’s a classic fruity rose scent that I encounter quite often as well. In this combination I like rose.

„Secret of Success“ has the be the most surprising scent to me. I wouldn’t have expected it to become that sweet and gourmand in the end starting with a fruity chewing gum aspect that is all sweet, getting warmer thanks to the spices and just enjoyable.

Strangely enough I can’t say anything about the scent of „Butterfly Mind“ because I couldn’t sense it. All I smell is a faint fresh breeze that floats away, nothing more. My blind spot it seems. Unfortunately I was curious about the combination the most. The tea however is very pleasant having a rich chocolate aroma and very mild tea layer over it.

„L’Âme Slave“ is all leathery and herbal right from the start. A mixture of wood, greenery, freshness and resins it can be compared to a promenade in the pine wood forests. Not my cup of tea and very dark.

„Spontaneous Generosity“ also plays with gourmand elements, this time caramel and tonka bean that give the scent a high pitch almond character mixed with cherry notes. A spicy and sweet affair that turns into a cacao-like black tea harmony in your cup.

I shall remark that these impressions are based on lab samples. The line plans to fully launch in June, changes in the end product might be possible.

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