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FrauHolleFrauHolle No Shipping to Australia, Amerika and anywhere else with A. 10 years ago

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FrauHolleFrauHolle 5 years ago
Héritage (Eau de Parfum) - Guerlain

Héritage (Eau de Parfum) Push that Button!
Here we are. My finger is on the button. Heritage, could it be the most beautiful perfume in the world. I can smell in the air that I breathe and I love you. The perfume signs his name across my heart, I want him to be my baby. STOP, in the name...


Liebe Besucher
Liebe Besucher


MariellaMmmhMariellaMmmh 10 years ago
I am dirty. Can you do somethin' about it?
LouceLouce 10 years ago
Your concern will turn out to be unfounded: The Lolle-Esprit in Englih will be perhaps a different one, but still wickedly funny and frolicsome, I´m sure. I´m looking forward to your reviews.
I´ll call you gutless, if you´re refusing and making a fuss too long!
EternityEternity 10 years ago
Warning to all international users: This user could cause you severe belly ache. You better see a doctor once you can't stop laughing.
ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
Thanks! Hope you like it so far. Don and also me spent a few nights on the new site.
FrieMoFrieMo 10 years ago
Time to win international clientele for your laundry...