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TetrodoxTetrodox 36 days ago
Thanks for giving me a second chance with Noun! Another miracle! In French we say "Jamais deux sans trois" (never two without three) so I'm hoping for the third miracle of about 500€ I heard ;-) If you think of a plan to kidnap Gardoni and get him to gift us his Unfiltered, count me in! I'm joking of course!
TetrodoxTetrodox 118 days ago
Thank you for satisfying my one capricious whim! I believe it is nearly a miracle that this deal happened and I'm really thankful for the perfect communication and the extra fast & secure shipping! It has been a pleasure to deal with you and I hope I can return at least a fraction of the favor someday! Greetings from Belgium and 'till next time! Wishing you well!
DjdaniDjdani 9 months ago
Good communication
Average shipment
Safe Package 
Extra decants
Nice seller !