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FrieMoFrieMo 10 years ago
Cuba (Cologne) - Czech & Speake

Cuba (Cologne) Too warm for revolution
He picks a stalk of peppermint. He snips a lime. He opens the bottle of rum and pours in. He twirls the peppermint between his fingers. The bottle is open, the rum is evaporating. He takes out a cigar. He rolls it between his fingers. He...

FrieMoFrieMo 10 years ago
For Them - Libertin Louison - Technique Indiscrète

For Them For the good cause
I bought the fragrance for three reasons, first, because I wanted a Lavender scent, second, bacause I had a crush on the bottle and third, because it was for a good cause. The Bottle was a big disappointment. No Box (except for the shipping box),...


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