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FumeMysteryFumeMystery 3 years ago
Phloem - Jorum Studio

Phloem Continuing with Jorum Studio samples: tested Phloem today.
A few spritzes to my torso only, under my top. A humid day. As I don't read the notes in advance of testing, nor refer to them while testing or writing, so there will only be my impressions of the scent...

FumeMysteryFumeMystery 3 years ago
Arborist - Jorum Studio

Arborist Arborist by Jorum Studio, edp spray sample
Sprayed scent on crooks of arms and torso and spread to wrists, as usual, and found the scent differed according to the location. Initial impression, wrists/arms: fresh slightly mentholated 'shady' green - not high-pitched. Initial...


AnessaAnessa 4 years ago
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