FunwonFunwon's Perfume Reviews

3 Awards
It opens with a blast of Orange. A very happy orange scent! Within fifteen minutes, it settles into a lovely skin scent: sweet, salty, happy. A beautiful scent for any season.

4 Awards
We've had a very long and very cool spring this year (2014). It's now May and 48 degrees today with a forecast of snow for tomorrow. My heart cried out for Ambre Sultan. It's dry warm spices and lingering amber warm even the damp air. It is a noble antidote to these strange days. I feel fortified and calmed by it's stalwart longevity.
A grand fragrance and a wardrobe classic. I recommend it for men and women.

3 Awards
A blast of musc and then just as suddenly a complex harmonic dance of spices that almost becomes an Oriental. Then, unexpectedly the Lavender appears like a cool breeze and harmonizes with the woods to create and intimate skin scent. Wow!