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GMKGMK 5 years ago
Polo Supreme Oud - Ralph Lauren

Polo Supreme Oud Crowed Pleasing OUD
If relevant people at RL have ever smelled real Oud , they would never even dare to name it 'Supreme Oud', its not even the ordinary oud. This fragrance is nothing new but yet another variation of very synthetic oud with loads of vanillic sweetens...

GMKGMK 5 years ago
He Wood - Dsquared²

He Wood violets and vetiver
A nicely done violet fragrance seems a flanker of Fahrenheit Dior and very close to Absolute Fahrenheit but thankfully it shares only violet with Fahrenheit no gasoline and Rubber smell. Although its not groundbreaking but worth a try due to its non aquatic...


MiaTrostMiaTrost 5 years ago
Hello GMK, and welcome! Glad you found your way to Parfumo.