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GMK 6 years ago 1

Crowed Pleasing OUD
If relevant people at RL have ever smelled real Oud , they would never even dare to name it 'Supreme Oud', its not even the ordinary oud.
This fragrance is nothing new but yet another variation of very synthetic oud with loads of vanillic sweetens which can be suffocating at times if over applied.

I went with the original Polo Green repo kept in mind but did not like this.

GMK 6 years ago 1

violets and vetiver
A nicely done violet fragrance seems a flanker of Fahrenheit Dior and very close to Absolute Fahrenheit but thankfully it shares only violet with Fahrenheit no gasoline and Rubber smell.

Although its not groundbreaking but worth a try due to its non aquatic freshness , the combination of vetiver, violet and musk make it a really nice option.

GMK 6 years ago 3

Need some more years to understand the 'Art' hidden in it......
How curious I was to test this and how disappointed I am after sampling it , I can't say I hate it but One thing I can surely say that I can't stand it until it settles down to a fairly good drydown , but the opening is really very difficult to survive with especially in the hot and humid climate , may be it's because of the blending of CIVET; which is not every perfumer's thing, I love Civet in Kouros blended in honey by One of the greatest perfumer ever.

Synthetic notes of Amber and Cloves (eugenol) with a hint of Lavender makes it sticky sweet and cloying, suddenly Animalic notes of Civet kicks in, this is the stage where the problem starts, it has not been handled properly imho and it transforms into a play-doh like smell of something dated with a huge silage.

The musky / powdery drydown is probably one of the most lovely part of this complex creation but you have to wait for several hours to reach that stage and you must be in an ambiance with controlled temperature otherwise it stinks.
MR is a complex fragrance and worth a try at least.
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GMK 6 years ago

too sweet to be called 'sport'
Really unfortunate to see the brand like Chanel and Perfumer like J.Polge producing a product similar to millions already available , whereas the same combo has created an array of classic women and men fragrances.
How could a tonka , amber rich sweet cologne be called 'sport'.. sportsmen and women better understand what happens when it sweats with a rich sweet cloying fragrance.

but after all its Channel.
Looking forward to see Egoiste 'sport'.

GMK 6 years ago

An Alien in Amouage Line....
Absolutely contrary to what Amouage is known for with their mainstream masculines offerings like Jxxv, Epic , Memoir etc.

Dia is a soft , floral spicy and easy going fragrance which is very pleasant and SAFE imo , after a fruity floral start it transforms into a delightful and close to skin powdery/spicy scent constantly whispers its presence and never bothers people around you.

comparatively moderate silage and lack of shouting notes made it an Alien among other Amouage masculines. A perfect unisex fragrance imo.

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