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GMK 5 years ago 2

Refreshingly sexy
A wonderful fresh cologne which got a truly refreshing scent without being cloying , overpowering and similar to a thousands of so called fresh aquatic cheapo synthetics.

DHC is all about Citrus( Bergamot) and musk , I get the Orange peel and Neroli hints besides some flowery notes which might be wrong but whatever it is , really a treat to wear in hot and humid climate. Another Underrated one.
Simply Awesome.

GMK 5 years ago 2

Boring overrated detergent
Absolutely boring and headache inducing in the name of freshness , I don't know what you call it but I can immediately relate it with a lot of detergents in the industry with this sharp pungent and disturbing freshness.

Neroli Portofino is lot better than this imo.

GMK 5 years ago 1

wanted to love it but.....
Someday I'll learn to love these Ambre dominant fragrances, I really really wanted to like it but, to me its nothing more than a refined , easy to wear and lighter Ambre Absolue which can only be enjoyed in a cold weather , Unfortunately the climate of my city doesn't allow me to wear in any setting. I'll wait for the suitable season to give it another try.

GMK 5 years ago 1

Gorgeous! nothing else can best describe this beauty,calming and soothing with white florals and amber ( I do detect a lil musk), tea adds an additional sensual effect to this already adorable composition.

Absolutely compelling and irresistible. I will sure love if my partner wears this.

GMK 5 years ago 6

What else a Man wants.......
No female fragrances attracts me rather hits me like this hypnotic beauty , its Seductive, sensuous, flirtatious and yes provocative. I get voluptuous Frangipani/almond accord with a hint of tuberose making the blend very lovely and pleasing.
Every time i get a whiff of this charismatic and mysteriously beautiful scent , i just want to sniff it more & more and its really difficult to resist this.
As a men I consider this as a legendary female fragrance along with a few others.
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