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GMK 5 years ago 1

Simply Awesome!!!
One of the top offerings, if not the best from Tom Ford line including private blends, don't be misguided by testing it on blotter paper or on your wrist for an hour or two, give it a full day wearing , feel the quality and count the compliments.

Its a classy woody, a lil sweet(fruity) / spicy fragrance with an earthy feel which is very nicely done and the blending is awesome.

GMK 5 years ago 3

A Journey that has no destination
As a fragrance House, I always consider Amouage as one of the best along with Guerlain but I can't and I won't justify everything they offer especially this (Journey).

This is the shortest Journey since I first bitten by the Fragrance bug, It starts and immediately ends with disappointment, thankfully did not buy it blind, there is nothing which can be related to Amouage , no frankincense, no Myrrh , no oud and no olibanum/ labdanum , its just a repellent spicy sweetness(Tonka) which along with Tobacco makes it very very dated and cloying.
The first time I feel the quality of ingredients are very cheap and blending of no direction in an Amouage.Weird.

Cant believe Its from the same house which created Epic , Jubilation, Dia or even Interlude.

GMK 5 years ago 2

A modern release with a 'dated' vibe
Undoubtedly Tom Ford has managed to create some of the very good fragrances but I don't know why he has been focusing more on being inspired rather than being innovative, majority of his releases are evident , you can see the connection of his fragrances with many famous niche hits.
I find Noir very dated from the start, with a sweet , powdery and flowery notes , they tried to produce a similar vibe like Guerlain Habit Rouge but failed imo , too much synthetic sweetness and spices ruined it and makes it difficult to wear for me , marketed as masculine but to me it leans towards unisex or feminine side.

GMK 5 years ago 5

A Lil too much for me.....
If I hadn't enjoyed the awesome blending and versatility of the Original edt , my thoughts on this would have been different from what I am going to write at the moment.
As a huge fan of Dior Homme 2005 , i was very excited when I received this as a gift , I must say its very nicely done with Iris and Vanilla(too much imo) but I badly miss the leather and cacao here which I got in original EDT, and that is the main difference I see between them , I just like it but dont know its a nose fatigue or something else , the over prevailing vanilla is not letting me enjoy the beautiful scent behind it.
Love the original which is far more better, masculine and very versatile piece of art if compared to this intense version.

GMK 5 years ago 5

Difficult to love in a first sniff..
A dominating Myrrh fragrance from the start till middle , very powerful and somehow different from the available lot...I like the opening though it takes some time to familiar with , initially it reminded me of a cough syrup but gradually the beauty unfolds itself resultingly you will have a lovely musky woody and smoky fragrance and I love this part the most , ....stunning fragrance with very good sillage and longevity. Thumz up.

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