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GatsbyGatsby 8 months ago
Cassandra - Jeanne Arthes

Cassandra Oh, it's a Chanel, had no idea what to wear today!
You can tell this to your next boyfriend in case he s asking what is that smell that comes from the past but with so many promisses for your together future. Yes, it s cheap, ues, the box suits like a walnut in a wall,...

GatsbyGatsby 8 months ago
Jaguar for Men Imperial - Jaguar

Jaguar for Men Imperial Buy me! I m a good and nice cheapie.
A nice, light Fahrenheit mixed with Girl - Comme de Garcon and some old citruses classic. An oriental/fougere/fresh metis, with good quality for $5 as it can be purchased here in my country. I don t mind to spray it again after...



SirPerfumeSirPerfume 7 months ago
Scurt şi la obiect; RESPECT!
Fresh21Fresh21 7 months ago
Hi Gatsby,
sorry for not having seen your message 10 days ago which seems disapearing from the German side once anybody writes in English. However, thanks for your nice compliments to my pics anyway :) Have a great time out there and stay healthy. Best regards
MariNomMariNom 8 months ago
Thank you very much for a great deal and pleasant conversation