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GermanblondeGermanblonde 3 years ago
Ysatis (Eau de Toilette) - Givenchy

Ysatis (Eau de Toilette) My first grown up fragrance gifted to me
This was the very first fragrance I ever received, strangely from my boss way back when as a birthday present (No, he had no intentions of any kind, as an editor-in-chief he got a lot of samples, and so us girls got either...

GermanblondeGermanblonde 3 years ago
Intrusion (Eau de Parfum) - Oscar de la Renta

Intrusion (Eau de Parfum) Don't judge a book by its cover
Mandarin, mandarin, mandarin - with a touch of flower. What's not to like about this? I find this fragrance very pleasing, and like it even way better than Happy, another citrus fragrance that I love on hot, dry days. It reminds me of something...


GermanblondeGermanblonde 3 years ago
Thanks for the warm welcome!
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Welcome on board! :)
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Hey, baby! Wilkommen! I am happy to see you here! I just sprayed myself again with Love Potion, and I am swooning in delight! LOL