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Germanblonde 4 years ago

My first grown up fragrance gifted to me
This was the very first fragrance I ever received, strangely from my boss way back when as a birthday present (No, he had no intentions of any kind, as an editor-in-chief he got a lot of samples, and so us girls got either gifted fragrances of books he received for reviews, But I received the big bottle and used it up eventually). It is not really me, but I liked it then and still like it today. I only wear it occasionally like a reminiscence for years long gone by, but it is almost too flowery for me to really LOVE it.

Germanblonde 4 years ago 4

Don't judge a book by its cover
Mandarin, mandarin, mandarin - with a touch of flower. What's not to like about this? I find this fragrance very pleasing, and like it even way better than Happy, another citrus fragrance that I love on hot, dry days. It reminds me of something very familiar, but I can't point my finger on it. I could bath in it and not getting tired of it. LOVELY! It is really not as cool and crisp as the bottle would suggest, because I find perfume bottles are a bit like a nicely arranged plate of food, if it is pleasing to the eyes, it gives us much more joy. It is a mind thing. The bottle is a bit too much minimalism for such a beautiful fragrance.

Germanblonde 4 years ago 1

One of my favorites
Sweet seduction in a bottle, a heavenly scent, and the best perfume I have purchased since I bought Insolence. I like Si so much, it is a tie with Insolence and Dolce and Gabbana Femme, which belong into my list of my 5 favorites. Actually, I think I like Si slightly better than Dolce and Gabbana Femme. So off we bump this beauty and make room for Si. Don't cry Femme, in my heart you still belong to the top 5, I swear!

Germanblonde 4 years ago 2

Like walking through a citrus garden
I bought this because I was looking for a nice beach fragrance. But I got nothing but citrus out of it. WONDERFUL citrus, linear, close to the skin and long lasting. Even though it is not what I expected, I really like it and enjoy it as a fresh summery scent. But when I want to feel in a beach mood, I will go back to Jil Sander Sun, Jil Sander Style Pastels Soft Yellow or Salvador Dali Laguna. By the way, I own the 2011 special edition bottle.

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Sun - my biggest love affair in a bottle
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sun. It truly is summer in a bottle and draws a lot of compliments. But I am partial. Jil Sander and Guerlain are my favorite fragrance houses, and Sun is my favorite Jil Sander frag and my signature fragrance. When wearing her a beautiful sunny day on a beach comes to mind, a woman wearing a long, white, laced bohemian dress, walking barefoot in the sand, the wind playing with her long, blonde hair - that is Sun to the T. Perfect for a beautiful bride at a beach wedding. Not a perfume for hot summer days, but days that are warm, beautiful with lots of warm wind, the sun glowing with an orange tint rather than a bright yellow. A great fragrance for the month of August and early September days. Not a crisp or fresh summer fragrance, but one with a romantic, nostalgic feel to it. When I wear Sun, my man can't keep from burying his head in my hair when we snuggle up. You will receive a lot of kisses wearing this beauty. Sun gets us in a romantic mood way faster than any other fragrance I own (and I own over a 100 frags).

I have enough back up bottles of Sun to last me for a long, long time, because if I should ever be out of this beauty with no way to re-purchase, I will pull out my hair in misery.

If I were stranded on an island and allowed to have only one fragrance with me, it would be her. She is so me, so feminine, and so comforting. I could go on and on raving about this beauty. She is my absolute favorite. Me and Sun will be a love affair with no end in sight.

PS: I am sure it is as lovely on brunettes, redheads or short haired gals. To me it just has a feel that it fits to the T on a longhaired blonde. And my hair is not that long, either. It is just a visual perception that comes to mind when I smell this lovely summer scent.
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