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Ambre Eccentrico (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

I've been eyeing the Armani Privé collection for a while, so I was glad when my brother could bring back a sample when he visited Paris. He picked Ambre Eccentrico and I think that's a safe choice, because this one is hard to dislike.

Ambre Eccentrico is pretty straightforward and linear. The amber is rich and warm and almost like honey. With the added tonka, it's mostly extremely sweet. There are dried fruits, but they are more of a subtle hint, than something that you pick up immediately. It's definitely not a sweet fruity scent, but rather a vanilla or caramel type scent. I honestly don't pick up the listed cinnamon at all. There's a powdery, chocolate like patchoulli coming through, but it gets blended in with the overall sweetness quickly. The composition in general isn't powdery, but rather syrupy.
To my nose, there's the tiniest bit of a smoky base, like a burned sugar. It's comparable to the crème brûlée type scent I get from Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Grand Soir. It's not as refined or spicy as in Grand Soir, but it leans more towards a cheaper caramel sauce that you put on desserts.
Overall, extremely enjoyable, smooth, warm. When I wore Ambre Eccentrico, I kept smelling my own wrist constantly, because it's really pleasant. I will say, the sweetness is quite extreme and there are not too many situations, in which I want to smell like caramel fudge all day (and it will last all day), so versatility is limited •

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GewoonBB 2 years ago

Opus VI (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

The most anticipated of the Opus line for me, so I was excited to sample it. Opus VI has the strongest, loudest opening I've encountered in a while, rivalled perhaps by Amouage's notorious beast, Interlude Men. As with Interlude, I don't enjoy it. It may be fine if you spray this on and you go outdoors, but having it on your skin to sample, inside your house, is simply too much in my opinion.

The scent is not unpleasant, although a bit of a curveball to me. There's a strong, sweet, animalic accord in Opus VI, that I didn't expect based on the listed notes, but I think the labdanum has a big part in that. Leather, incense, warmth and a hint of an orange or neroli-like citrus is what I pick up on. The incense and spice mixture is clearly reminscent of several other Amouage's that I have tried. There's also the same szechuan pepper that's in Journey Men, which I think has a lot in common with Opus VI, but it's much softer. Whereas Journey seemed like Interlude's tiny brother, Opus VI takes a scent close to Journey and amps it all the way back up.

Where Opus VI starts to differentiate itself, is with the greens. Some wafts reminded me of Parfums de Rosine's Eloge Du Vert, which features a prominent green pepper note. Opus IV uses some notes that give it a slight herbal or medicinal touch in the base. Somehow this felt fresher and cleaner in the late drydown as well.

Personally, I'd take Journey Man over Opus VI (or Interlude) anyday, but if you're really into the scent profile and you want to project more and constantly be aware of the scent cloud around you, this is a winner •

GewoonBB 2 years ago

Ambar Del Sur (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

I've referenced Ambar Del Sur in some other reviews, so I figured it's about time I gave it a dedicated review. Last december I tried this for the first time and I felt a bit conflicted, so I waited a while and gave it another shot.
As the name suggests, it's amber heavy. From the opening it's quite powerful and warm. There's a light animalic touch, which is what threw me off the first time. This time I was prepared, although I still think it's what keeps this fragrance from being a fully comfortable wear for me. Labdanum is most likely to blame, giving this an almost sweaty body odor scent, that came to mind when I tried Etat Libre D'Orange's Fat Electrician. There's a bit of freshness in the opening as well and overall I'd say this is not as sweet as most of the amber forward fragrances that I've tried.

In the drydown, this fragrance isn't as powerful. There's more vanilla and some of the freshness fades, but it's a linear experience. It's not as sweet, but also not as syrupy as some of it's competitors. Instead, it's a softer and lighter fragrance. To me, it seems to share a lot of DNA with Carner's Palo Santo, which replaces the animalic note from Ambar Del Sur with a herbal, woody accord. This is very similar to Fat Electrician to my nose, but the creaminess and enhanced performance of Fat Electrician gives that fragrance a slight edge. Personally, this one is middle of the road for me; the animalic aspect isn't overpowering to the point that I wouldn't wear this, but it keeps me from putting this on the wishlist •

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Beach Hut Man (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

This sample was added to my list, just based on the name. I expected it to be an aquatic, freshy type fragrance, but I was forewarned (by people that love Beach Hut) that this was a green fragrance. As someone who's not a fan of most green fragrances, I didn't have high hopes, but trying never hurts.

And green it is. I instantly knew I wouldn't 'like' this fragrance, as in something that I would wear myself. On the other hand, I could also quickly see the beauty in the composition and I can see how this is a gem to quite a few people. Despite not being my taste, the opening was quite nice to me. There's a healthy dose of orange (blossom) and smelled up close it was almost tart to the point of lemon. There's also a refreshing mint note, which doesn't smell like mint leaves as far as I could tell, but rather like toothpaste. Other than that, it's green and slightly woody all the way (ivy, galbanum, moss, vetiver). Some people said this does remind them of a beach or ocean view, but I can't make that connection at all. This is more akin to cutting plants in the garden, with natural smelling greens and a slight earthy base. To me the texture bounces from being quite ozonic to being more resinous, which comes from juice of cut plant stems that it reminds me of. As far as comparisons, it's different from anything that I've tried so far, but it definitely comes closest to Amouage's Opus II.

Performance is amazing, especially considering how fresh the scent is. The citrus fades away quickly, but the mint lingers for a long time. After a full day of wearing, there's still a slightly spicy skin scent that will last you through the morning. Clearly, this isn't for me, but it's not offensive either. I think this is a great option for people who can deal with green fragrances more easily, if you want something more unique and special for warmer weather. I wouldn't limit this to warm weather per se though, it's quite versatile in my opinion •

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Reflection Man (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

Despite this being my most worn fragrance since I bought it, I never got around to sharing my thoughts on it until now. Reflection Man was one of those 'love at first sniff' fragrances. I have to say, Jubilation XXV is probably still my favorite from Amouage, but since Reflection Man is much more versatile and office appropriate, I decided to get a bottle of that first. And that's where the amount of wears come in; Reflection is my favorite work fragrance. It exudes confidence and it's safe, but not as safe as Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver or even Terre d'Hermes, which are two of my other favorites to wear to the office.

The blend is magnificent. It's slightly floral, slightly fruity. There's iris and some people compare this to Jean-Paul Gaultier's Le Male or other powdery or baby powder style fragrances; I don't get that. To me, Reflection isn't powdery in texture at all, but more liquid. There's an aquatic, briny quality to it, which always reminds me of chlorine (or rather, the way your skin smells after swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool). Despite the floral and fruity notes, Reflection Man becomes very masculine in the drydown in my opinion, much more than any of it's (baby)powder competitors that I've seen people compare it to. There's a soapiness from the vetiver, a sweetness, presumably from the orris root, but nothing sticks out, it's very well-balanced.

Performance is great. On my skin, this is one of those fragrances that is deceptively long-lasting. Sometimes I think it became a skin scent, and an hour later I get very strong wafts or it revives with a movement. I am almost confident this will be my most worn fragrance of 2020 •

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