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11.03.2017 14:35 Uhr
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A few spring scents o' mine...

Spring came early... By the 2017 calendar, the first day of spring is March 20. But spring leaves arrived in mid-February in some parts of the South Italy, and spread northward like a wave.

That's why this Saturday morning I decided to replace my beloved dark and opulent winter scents with some light and clean spring ones. Some of them are unspoiled, pristine, blind buy according to pyramid notes and positive reviews.

Here you are some of them: Grey Flannel, ZARA Rich Leather, ZARA Night II, Bentley Infinite Extreme, Geo White, Ferrari Musk Essence, Bentley Infinite Rush, ZARA White Tag, Lalique White, and Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche. These are nearly floral, white musk, mild leather, light tea.

Besides, these are all brand new, untouched, and I am looking for wearing all of them. Here you are Vera Wang, Davidoff Horizon, Solo Absolute, Jacomo Aura, Yodeyma West (Azzaro Wanted), Eclat d'Arpege Lanvin, Ferrari Lavender, and Jaguar Classic. These are barely fresh, green, citrus, and cool spicy.

More will come in the next rotation. I promise, I will write a review of each in the next days, so stay tuned.

Have a nice and redolent weekend,


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