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25.09.2017 16:27 Uhr
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The Swedish collection trilogy from ZARA

Hey there,

I've just seen that ZARA has released three brand new colognes for men, the -MADE IN SWEDEN- collection, allegedly for this fall/winter season. They are available here ZARA Men's Perfumes, and namely they are NORRLANDS, KILSBERGEN, and TIVEDEN. According to Google, those correspond to Sweden's region, mountain, and national park respectively. All of the three scents belong to the woody family, as clearly depicted by the woody-like boxes and caps, though each one is built around a main accord of earthy vetiver, sweet tonka, or animal leather note.

Since ZARA often makes its good fragrances very similar to famous brands, my gut feeling is that this time we will get a clone of Terre d'Herm├ęs, Le Male JPG, and Pour Homme Azzaro... who knows?

Have a scent day,


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