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2 Awards
Open with a delicious citric scent with a hint of fresh white rose and finish with the Cedarwood. This perfume evokes the landscapes of Portugal. Too simple, without major complexity, but made with good quality ingredients in EDP concentration. Nice to use in a sunny morning by man or woman. Considered a niche perfume but, In my opinion, too much expensive for this kind of perfume: a good classic formula but without any novelty...

Nice citric green lavander cologne for everyday use. Decent sillage for a cologne, cheap but made with good quality ingredients. Selling only in Portugal, I think, because Ach. Brito is a Portuguese brand. A must have in my collection.

2 Awards
The best and most realistic Catholic Church frankincense ever created! Quite linear scent, but exactly the same feeling you have when you enter in a church where is burning frankincense. I never thought that was possible to reproduce exactly such magnificent scent... But I was wrong, Avignon changed my opinion. Magnificent resinous frankincense with a touch of natural vanilla. Master Duchaufour at is best level.

This was my first perfume that I bought with the money I earn in my first job, in summer holidays, when I was 17. The first time I smell it I promise myself that I will buy it. Until now he never left my collection, a must have that young generation must discover. Very versatile, the anise and lavender are some of the many stars of this scent. You must try it to understand how he make you feel special. I don't have that sensation with other fragrances. It was a mainstream fragrance in the 80's, but now is a hidden treasure. Take a look in the similar perfumes, you won't find nothing similar because you can't compare it with other perfumes. Unique masterpiece!

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Strong fragrance, woody, green, tobacco, leathery, spicy, soapy in the draydown. Same vibe of Anataeus from Channel but without the animalic note. Masculine fragrance for guys over 30's. Only to use in cold weather. Difficult fragrance in the opening: stong pine and oakmoss, but after 30 minutes you will love it, and the draydown is the best part. Great longevity and projection. One or two sprays is enough, more than can be dangerous for your reputation. Excellent relation price/quality.

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This is an old school of the 80's from the house of Channel. Very masculine, spicy, woody, leathery, a llittle bit sweet and resinous in the drawdown (from the labdanum) I cannot imagine a lady using this power stuff. This has a beast longevity, after 24 hours I still smell this scent. They don't do perfumes with this power anymore. If you use it you will be noticed for sure, and you have sure that no one will smell like you. Is very 80's? Yes, but, men, give it an opportunity, is not an easy perfume but he will grow on you.

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Dark vetiver, linear perfume with strong sharp edges, remember me the smell of the black paint of a pen. Some perfumes slowly seems to lose their strength because of the "odeur fatigue", but not this one! i can feel it all day long, it never smoths is allways there... bang! in your nose.

3 Awards
I know, this review puts me in a distinct minority, but I don't like such sweet perfumes, make me feel seasick...So great expectations because of the reviews but... Sorry guys but is my honest opinion.The sugar is overwhelming and mixed with tobacco... guess what? Overrated, overpriced perfume. Just test it before buy it.

Nice vetiver scent, fresh, earty, and in the end very soappy and clean. Is a everyday perfume, ideal for office, never overwhelming, you can abuse of it because is very soft after 30 minutes. I've tried the vetiver from Guerlain, but i prefeer this one, and is cheaper, 20euros for a 100ml bottle.

2 Awards
Sorry, but to me this fragrance don't work at all. It was a blind buy that that i regret, but my wife love the scent... The lavander is to difficult and green i prefer the kind of lavander of Prada luna rossa. My advice: try it before buy it.
Update: I give it a new chance. I try to ignore the firsts minutes, and after that I get a soft barbershop scent, not so bad as the first time... my wife still love it!

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