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GlitteralexGlitteralex 3 years ago
Fleur Sauvage (Eau de Cologne) - Germaine Monteil

Fleur Sauvage (Eau de Cologne) Classic Floral Beauty!
Review is for vintage parfum en flacon, likely from the 50s. No notes are published anywhere, but this is for sure a floral musk powerhouse. There's a hint of spicy, clove-y rose/carnation which indicates a nice dollop of isoeugenol. I get almond/powder...

GlitteralexGlitteralex 3 years ago
Créature (Eau de Parfum) - Gilles Cantuel

Créature (Eau de Parfum) "Creature" by Gilles Cantueal: an Intergalactic Changeling!
Although this is classified as an Oriental Floral, the few notes available for this fragrance, Spice, Wood, Flowers, & Oriental Notes, are for sure incomplete. I will do my best to tease out what I think...

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