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GlittergutGlittergut 5 years ago
Sepal (2015) - Criminal Elements

Sepal (2015) Dark and sexy, with a dirty edge.
Man this one packs a wallop! Sepal is sexy and dirty and loud. No shy, retiring violets here of any kind. I get angry orange blossom, sweat, makeup, musk and sweet tangy citrus. I adore this, but I can see why a lot of people...

GlittergutGlittergut 5 years ago
Glimmer - Criminal Elements

Glimmer Chai with Turkish Delight!
This was not as gourmand as I expected. I got a strong, dusty rose in the drydown that was really lovely. To me it smells like milk, spices, dark sugar and dry, velvety roses. It lasts a good long time on my skin, and the projection is pretty...


ApiciusApicius 5 years ago
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