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GoLeafsGo7GoLeafsGo7 1 month ago
Vanille Rêve - Shalini

Vanille Rêve Enchanting tropical and sun-kissed vanilla!
Vanille Rêve is a gorgeous tropical floral vanilla fragrance. The experience starts with cool and spicy anise, which is the one phase I do not enjoy. However, shortly thereafter, a tobacco-tinged vanilla takes over the composition...

GoLeafsGo7GoLeafsGo7 2 months ago
Tonka Impériale - Guerlain

Tonka Impériale Guerlain's Fascinating Take on Tonka Bean
Tonka Impériale is my go-to tonka bean fragrance. To my nose, it also has prominent accents of honey, gingerbread, almond and tobacco, with an amber-heavy base of benzoin and vanilla. During the scent journey, I detect...