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GolcherGolcher 16 days ago
Spicebomb Night Vision (Eau de Parfum) - Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Night Vision (Eau de Parfum) Spice(less)bomb Nightvision EDP
According to most youtube reviewers Nightvistion EDP was an improvement over the EDT which isn't saying much considering how awful the EDT is. It was the curiosity of how much improvement there was what lead me to purchase. The EDT is a generic,...

GolcherGolcher 3 months ago
Ozone - Aaron Terence Hughes

Ozone Ambroxan + Clean Skin Accord + something else
First I want to say I LOVE ATH and his brand is just amazing to me, actually 13 out of the last 14 fragrances I've purchased in Maxaroma are from the ATH house (some 10ml,s some 30mls and mostly 50mls). His summery...

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haven't tested it properly (just received it) but in paper strips it has a strong overwhelming opening and then it becomes nice but feminine
A little generic, at least on the woody/cedar territory but well executed. Great office scent aimed for the older folks
really nice, crowd pleasing AF and a little generic but really nice smelling and performs good
I get much more guava than mango, like green guava
Aventus Cologne Aventus Cologne - Creed - 2 months ago
I don't find it as summer-y as they say, it's just as versatile as Aventus. I wouldn't wear this on a scorching hot summer day
I wonder if I got the wrong fragrance cause to me there's nothing salty in this in fact 'Rain Water' or 'Mountain Water' sounds more fitting
I don't smell it that much, it's sort of like Molecule 01 where you get hints now and then. Something wrong with my bottle?
The oud is very present, it's first thing I noticed and it's a funky oud.
SO good! I'm not into clones but this is so damn good, I own Sauvage Elixir and even so I consider this worth having
To me it's more a classy or office fragrance than a summer fragrance
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GolcherGolcher 3 years ago
Shall I buy a tester?
A friend of mine works at a dept store and got access to some testers. They are brand new and I'm interested in one of them, she's giving me a good price and I know it's legit. I've never bought testers before. Does it make sense to buy a tester, is it worthwhile? What is the difference between the tester and the actual retail fragrance?Any suggestions? More
GolcherGolcher 3 years ago
Good summer fresh/aquatic fragrances?
With summer season around the corner, actually 'Sunny season' (here in Costa Rica sunny season starts in January through April) I've been relentlessly looking for nice daytime fragrances with good performance however I'm yet to find one that really hits the nail. If you take a look at my 'collection' I've tried with United Dreams, Le Beau Male (which I love but is terrible... More




Fresh21Fresh21 3 years ago
Hi, Golcher, thanks for visiting my cool water intense comment, and yes, ... please be warned :) and don't blind buy it easily. I seriously do hate this note, too. And there is at least 50% in of it. Once you test it I would appreciate your feedback.
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 3 years ago
Hi Golcher, welcome to Parfumo! :-)