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46 days ago
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A friend of mine works at a dept store and got access to some testers. They are brand new and I'm interested in one of them, she's giving me a good price and I know it's legit. I've never bought testers before. Does it make sense to buy a tester, is it worthwhile? What is the difference between the tester and the actual retail fragrance?

Any suggestions?

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148 days ago
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With summer season around the corner, actually 'Sunny season' (here in Costa Rica sunny season starts in January through April) I've been relentlessly looking for nice daytime fragrances with good performance however I'm yet to find one that really hits the nail. If you take a look at my 'collection' I've tried with United Dreams, Le Beau Male (which I love but is terrible in performance), Light Blue Eau Intense and Boss Unlimited, Cool Water and Invictus Aqua (which is the closest to what I'm aiming for).

I do own a Acqua di Gio Profumo and I think is a super star but I'drather save it for special ocassions like a brunch or a morning activity with friends or family, going out with the mrs.

Any suggestions for a Summer fragrance that fits the bill?

Thanks and good fragrance karma to y'all!

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