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I was curious (as much as the next guy) about the cannabis note however after sampling it I realized the obvious, the cannabis note was a marketing stunt. Moving past that I realized this was a really nice fragrance, it has some reallynice sweetness but not too much.
The fragrance opens with a nice apple scent that stays for longer than I expected and blends with the tonka bean.

Overall a nice scent, nothing ground breaking but worth checking out. I’m glad I bought it.

PS: Bottle is gorgeous, looks amazing in my collection

This is a gorgeous scent by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. It opens fresh and citrusy and evolves into a woodier scent. That being said it performs as awful as other Morillas’ fragrances like D&G LB. This is a great example of companies where the marketing team is not in the same page as the perfumer since there is nothing extreme about this scent unless marketing was going for ‘extremely disapponting performance’.

Fragrance is great for whatever long it lasts

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I read good reviews so I wanted to buy this, I wanted to like it and perhaps even love it. I tested it on the paper stripes and it did little to nothing for me so I left the store. A few days later the same thing happened but stubborn as I am I applied it to my arm before I left the store for the second chance.

In the beginning there was just just the scent of sea water and nothing else but after a while the mid notes kicked in and the fragrance started to agree with my skin. First sea water with citrus hints, so refreshing and nice and then the frankincense.

Summer is starting in Costa Rica and I’m sure this was the right call, looking forward to it

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This is a spice, sweet, boozy and leathery bad boy. Very manly, elegant, sophisticated.

Love the Tobacco and Rum opening (wish the tobacco was stronger), the drydown is sweeter but not as interesting as those first notes (benzoin and tonka are found in 8 out 10 fragrances now adays).

Very well balanced, creates a statement about whomever wears it and if some reviewers compare this to Spicebomb then I’d suggest this may be an edgier version of Spicebomb.

3 Awards
Usually I’m not into sweet fragrances, yes I do enjoy an ocasional vanilla/tonka one as muchas the next guy but that’s as far as I go with sweetness. Ultra Male dares turn sweetness up to 11 which should make this annoyingly sweet and unwearable but it somehow works perfectly.

Seductive, daring and unique, the ultimate clubbing fragrance. My girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday present and was it a good one! I used it for dinner that same day and it was a total hit.

Ultra Male is spicy, minty and sweet altogether and the cherry on top is pear. This fragrance is certainly not for everyone but it works for me and it makes my Top 5

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A fragrance that single handedly made me an enthusiast.

This is what I’d call a “third date fragrance”. Very seductive, boozy and playful, opens with a nice cardamom and gives way to a intoxicating (in the best possible way) whisky scent followed by a leather/tonka/benzoin combo ideal for fall/winter evening. It’d be perfect if it lasted a couple more hours

CH Men Privé lives up to its reputation

This was an unexpected surprise. My first contact with For Him was at a Department store where while browsing through fragrances the girl helping me suggested Narciso Rodriguez, she sprayed the EDT version and I fell in love with the scent. I couldn't get it out of my head for a couple of weeks so whike xmas shopping I found the EDP and bought it blindly and have no regrets.

Narciso's For Him is nice change of pace from all those vanilla and tonka bean heavy fragrances flooding the industry so having it in your collection is a welcome contrast. 10 in Uniquenes

Btw, can someone tell me how different is the EDT to the EDP?

I find this a often misunderstood fragrance since one can't help to compare to its original and rightfully so since La Nuit de l'Homme casts a huge shadow however, judging it by its own merit it is a very nice scent and honestly I don't get why it gets so much hate.

My only complaint is regarding it's uniqueness. Eau Électrique follows a trend many other fragrances have already mastered and some in a better way.

All in all, Eau Électrique is a very good buy but far from ground breaking

I don't get why LBM gets so much hate, I actually wanted to hate it because of its bad reputation but since I bought it last week it's on speed dial (December is very sunny in Costa Rica).
It is simple and linear but that's what I expected and it's fine consindering how nice the opening is. A nice mint and lavander splash, very refreshing
On the downside, you can't get more than 3 hours from it. It lacks in projection and longetivity