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I was late to the Le Male party. I didn't test it until last year and for some still unknown reason even though I loved the opening I wasn't too fond of the dry down. Yeah, I know, what was I thinking?

This is a gorgeous barbershop fragrance and I just can't get enough of it. I seem to love every version of Le Male that comes my way: Ultra Male, Eau Fraiche, Le Male Terrible, Le Beau Male and of course the OG.
Le Male is a masterful blend of lavander, mint, amber and a gorgeous vanilla/tonka that adds some sweetness and creaminess that takes it to a whole new level to a point that 20 years later there are houses still taking hints from Le Male to use in their own creations.

One thing I don't get is why this is rated with an 8.4 longevity, I get 5+ hours which would hardly be an 8, I'd say it awards it with a 6.5 or 7 rating but I guess some people are rating longevity based in old formulations.

All and all Francis Kurkdjian's creation was bold and a trend setter, he created a true classic that granted him a place in the Fragrance Hall of Fame.

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Putting together a great scent, packing it in a nice looking bottle but performing in a mediocre way... sounds familiar? Zara does that time after time, so many time it has become a cliché but we let it slide because their price tag is so low that we think to ourselves: "I can decant and reapply".
It has happened to all of us, in my case time and time again with Vibrant Leather, Night II, Night III, Zara 8.0, 9.0, C0r4nol, Rich Leather, Rich Warn Addictive, Intense Dark Exclusive and Rich Leather.

Winter Collection is no exception (unintentional rhyme). It's a lovely scent, I fell in love with it at first sniff and love wearing it but performance while not being the worst (by Zara standards) is not good. I read people labeling this as a Gucci Guilty clone and it does bear many parallels to Guilty but I see it more as an interpretations since it does have some twists here and there. I do get mainly amber, cypress and eucalyptus (perhaps hints of lavander).

All and all it is a very nice scent, perhaps one of my favorite by this brand so I don't regret purchasing. I get 4 + hours which is mediocre but good enough to go to the movies and make it back home.

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I read many comparisons between this and the original Armani Code and since I don't have Armani Code I decided to buy considering the low price tag however, it is in fact similar to Armani Code Colonia, perhaps safer and not as creamy.

Zegna intenso is a great bang for the money, I thought it disappeared around the 4 or 5 hour mark because I could no longer smell it on myself however, yesterday my girfriend got home and told me it was still going strong and I had applied over 8 hours before that so perhaps I got some fatigue and could no longer get whiffs

Overall Intenso is a very inoffensive fragrance (as mention by reviewers below) ideal for office wear and casual scenarios, I wouldn't use it that much for night event but if you want something safe for a night out then by all means feel free to spray this on yourself, you can be liberal with the sprays since there are no annoying or "offensive" notes.

This is a very safe purchase however test it and see if it's good for you.

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I'm a fan of Narciso Rodriguez's frags, I own for Him (EDT and EDP) and the original Blue Noir. They all smell great and the only issue to me is the longevity of Blue Noir which is subpar. That being said I blind bought Blue Noir EDP (on sale) and immediately regreted the purchase after testing it on paper, it was pretty much the same as EDT moreover the reviews in fragrantica were awful pointing longevity as a major issue and smell as cheap however the damage was done.
I had to test it so during a rainy afternoon I sprayed it 7 time on myself and the opening was quite nice but when it started to hit the mids the magic began. It's like a creamy musky scent, it does share similarities with the BN EDT but the absence of cardamom is noticable and this makes a difference, it's just gorgeous.

As for longevity well, I'm 5 hours in and still going, I doubt I'll get to the 6th which is not stellar for an EDP concentration but it's not awful either (in the tropic all frags last less than other places).

My girlfriend loved it, I love it and I can recommend it, just test it first since taste is subjective

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I see people raving about the great longevity of this fragrance and I don't get it. Is it me, is it my skin? I get a below average longevity with almost none projection! Once I applied like 8 sprays and 5 mins later my girlfriend asked me to reapply cause she could hardly pick up anything, she didn't know I had just applied it.

Performance aside the scent is quite good, very nice and soft for a summer day with a prominent melon note in the opening and a salty feel, very mellow. There is some lavander and iris in there too but at least I can hardly notice them.

I never tried Millesime Imperial so I don't know how similar they are but judging Rush of Unicorns by it's own merit is a quite nice scent

I blindly bought this frag because I heard some good reviews I don't even recall where but it got me curious about it and it was cheap enough to risk it and I'm SO glad I did.

This is certainly a Lavander, Sage and Neroli heaven! The key player here is certainly the Lavander and even though it's not listed I feel some hints of tobacco which I love (perhaps some other note is making me evoke Tobacco) It's a strong fragrance with a spicy/musky undertone.

The price tag on this is low and the value is high. It's an awesome scent with decent projection and a very good longevity so give it a shot.

I was browsing at a discount table with around 70 fragrances and just as I was leaving an orange box caught my attention. I took it and saw the Hermes logo, I was drawn to it somehow.
After checking the Parfumo app and learning it was unisex I asked for the tester and spayed it on paper... the most natural zesty scent I’ve tried in a long time, one that brought back memories, such a vivid scent of lemon leaves that triggered so many things in my head I didn’t need to wait for the drydown to know I was taking it home with me.

The next morning I was excited as I sprayed myself with such a glorious zesty gem. As time went by the lemon leave vibe slowly toned down giving way to an ambery base, such an elegant transition, so masterful.

With CdOV the only concern is the longevity which is actually good considering it’s a cologne concentration but I get 5 hours give or take so I can live with that.

First off I’d like to clarify that I’m not as head over hills with the “original” La Nuit de l’Homme as most of the people in here, in fact I don’t own it but I do own 3 of the flankers. Despite how much I appreciate it and feel I should get it sooner or later I don’t believe it lives up to the insane hype. I’ve tested it (a reformulation) and while I feel it’s worth having and a great date scent it’s not the frag “to rule them all”.

That being said, I love what they did with Le Parfum and how they improved on a formula that already proved to be a winner. I do miss the cardamom but I love how the fruity notes interact with and take La Nuit to whole new level. I also love the idea of including vanilla but I was hardly able to notice it so that’s perhaps my only issue, the absence of said vanilla.

If La Nuit de l’Homme was a 30 year old guy I’d say Le Parfum is a 40 year old. A more seasoned version, just as sexy but a different kind of sexy so please, don’t dress Le Parfum down, embrace the full experience since this is a gentleman’s fragrance.

Longevity is ok, average perhaps and sillage is moderate but a gentleman is never loud, he is subtile, does not draw attention for the wrong reason.

I first bought Terre edt at a duty free when flying from Boston back home. I was in a rush at my hometown airport and went into the duty free to browse. I wanted to get something nice but didn’t have time to explore all the fragrances properly and the girl who was helping me was talking Terre up so I purchased.

I regretted purchasing cause even though the fragrance was nice it wasn’t my style, it was a little too loud, piercing and just not what I was looking for but I was stuck with it. I forced myself to wear it a couple of times and started liking it more and more. Fast forward a year or so and this is a frag I couldn’t live without, I like it so much I even got the Pure Parfum version.

Jean-Claude Ellena has proven to be a great perfumer and to have a great understanding of citruses and how to blend them. The opening is so bright with a gorgeous grapefruit and orange and some loud pepper and dried down to a smoothier version with cedar, patchouli, vetiver and benzoin.

I was so impressed by Terre d’Hermes that I went on to buy Pure Parfum and Concemtré d’Orange Verte, bottomline Terre edt is nothing short of genius.

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I really liked this fragrance, just as much as I liked the Eau Intense version, perhaps they have more in common than what the note breakdown would suggest.
Forget coconut and vanilla, you won't find traces of that in here. Cypress is the note I identified easier and then there's just Light Blue Eau Intense which means it's good, just a no go if you already have the Intense version

I had so much expectation, the promise of Light Blue with a creamy undertone of vanilla and coconut was great but nothing more than a promise and a missed opportunity

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