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I own and love Gucci Guilty Intense which is a very safe and crowd pleasing release but in the opposite side of the spectrum we have Guilty Absolute with even better results.

Guilty Absolute is bold, it doesn't care about trends or what's fashionable, it's by no means a fragrance for the younger folks. Absolute just doesn't care what's hot and what's not in fact it is almost certain to upset a lot of people and that's the beauty of it.

I found it at a local store, for some reason I was drawn to the tester and sampled it and it blew my mind. Such a realistic leather accord masterfully blended with gorgeous Vetiver, Woods and even a touch of Cypress so I took it home but that's not the end of it, next day I tested it again on skin and it is even better! Paper does NO justice what so ever to Absolute!

Scent is great, longevity is off the charts, sillage is moderate (which is fine, you don't want to be loud with this one) so yes, this is a 'Love' for me

I was lucky enough to get Gin and Wool at a good price after the demise of Commodity. Gin was fine but out of the 2 Wool was clearly a better frag.
With Wool I get musky vanilla and a touch of lavander, very cozzy for a chilly afternoon. It's an easy to wear scent, with average performance. My only complaint is Wool is too safe, nothing new or daring, it's just a solid vanilla scent.

I got my Gucci pour Homme II a few months ago so I never tried the original formulation but the one I own is really amazing however you can tell it's a reformulation by how watery it is and how soft it project and lasts.
I get tea, tobacco, violet and pimento and I love it, it is a really soothing and smooth fragrance, one I love to wear for indoors and intimate situations. This is a real winner, too bad they watered it down, it is palpable how weak it is nowadays

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I was fed up with all the hype that came with Bleu EDP so I kind of discarded it and moved on but a couple of days ago my gf gave it to my as a birthday present... whoa!
Such a beautiful citrusy opening, I got grapefruit and lemon layered with smokey tones and some of the best woody notes I've experienced.
So many layers, you can get so many notes blended so masterfuly, it's godlike.

A cliché is a cliché for a reason, because it's true, because something works and there is a reason Bleu EDP is shrouded with all this hype.

I bought the original Fahrenheit out of the hype and legacy it has but I was unimpressed, the famous 'petrol' notes through me off. I don't like it, I find it hard to wear even though I don't dislike it. I can wear it but I rather wear anything else.
Along came Aqua Fahrenheit. I found 1 at a discounter bin with no tester so I decided to pass however, months later it was still there and knowing it was discontinued I took that leap of faith and it did pay off!

First of all there's nothing aquatic about this flanker, perhaps Fahrenheit Eau or Fahrenheit Cologne would have been a more fitting name (not that that's relevant). Aqua drops many notes from the original which makes it a simpler an more wearable fragrance. I get a lot of grapefruit and Basil which works great with the violet, I just hope I got a little more mint.

This is a great spring/summer frag, one of my favs perhaps. So glad I got a 120ml at a great price.

I've seen my fair share of Aventus 'inspired' fragrances, from Vibrant Leather, Rich Leather, London, Explorer and even some versions from Parfums Vintage such as Vanilla Intense, Emperor Napoleon and Gold but this is the one that really nails it.

After sampling so many versions of the Aventus DNA we all know and love you can start to tell the subtleties and appreciate each twist on it so I have grown fond to each version I tried however, when you spray Emperor Extrait you can tell there's a difference right away.
The opening is so bright yet you get that lovely smokiness from Aventus, we all know the scent so I won't go further into details but you can smell the quality here and longevity is just insane.

I love Vanilla Intense but Emperor Extrait is next level.

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So yeah this is a chemical bomb, synthetic as hell! Now, that doesn't mean L'Eau Super Majeure is a bad fragrance, at least not an awful one. This is a very nice acquatic, some salty elements, citrus and some sweetness to it. I get sea water and cashmeran the most.

This is one of the lesser flankers in the whole Issey collection and yet is a frag I really enjoy dispite the synthetic feel, I liked it better than L'Eau Majeure

My first experience with L'Eau Majeure was at a store when I test sprayed my wrist, there was this gorgeous opening that lasted a couple of mins and then turned into an awful chemical bomb I hated, I had to rush and wash it off.

I spent months hating on it until one day I got a decant and tried it again, I sprayed my neck this time and there it was, that beautiful opening bit this time, after it faded it wasn't as terrible as I remembered, in fact it was quite nice!

L'Eau Majeure has a very synthetic smell, starts citrusy, acquatic and then you get hit by the cashmeran. It's a very pleasant scent if you don't mind the synthetic nature of it.

I liked Super Majeure better than this one

I was never a fan of the original A*Men, in fact I'm even a little annoyed but it so I only decided to give Pure Coffee a chance because it was at a discounter (and I love coffee) but I read it was too similar to the OG.

At first sprayed I got the same coffee note the original has but with a little more intensity, nothing to far from what I was used to but that coffee note didn't last too long and faded into the background and left me with a very enjoyable version of A*Men. The success of Pure Coffee to me is the simple note breakdown, it got rid of pretty much every note I hated and left a very simple and lovely scent.

Certainly a big step in the right direction

There isn't too much to say about London, it 'borrows' a lot from Aventus and the blackberry note is missing to me, there is no twist to the formula we all know and love.

Longevity is decent for a cheapie, I got between +4 hours, almost 5.

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