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Very interesting scent, balancing spicy, woody, floral, powdery all in such a little bottle. It's refreshing to find a Zara fragrance that is not an actual clone of another even though you can see the influences from a couple other from different houses.

To me this is a very nice powdery/sweet fragrance for a night out or perhaps a movie with the significant other. It bears a somehow 'metro' vibe (not a manly scent by any stretch of the word) but easy to pull off by any kind of guy, in fact I find this fragrance very unisex and love it when my girlfriend use it.

I blind bought this (which usually is a big no-no) and I regretted doing so cause I didn't care too much about Sexy Men, it kinda smelled like curry to me so I just kept it in the back of my dresser but by the 3rd time I forced myself to use it I kinda warmed up to it. (That curry-like spicy smell I got was the cardamom)

All in all I'm starting to reconsider this fragrance, last night I wore it and really got a kick out of it, I just wish you could get more vanilla and tonka and the cardamom wasn't so overpowering.

Is 'Sexy Men' the right name? I don't think it is sexy but I'll let that question to the ladies

I found this at a discount so I blind bought and what a deal did I get! I didn't have many expectations but I was blown out of the water by this little bottle.

D&G pour Homme is a very gentlemanish fragrance ideal for daily activities (a great office fragrance), soapy and clean yet spicy and playful. The lavander/tobacco dinamic is what takes it to the next level for me and the performance is just great, I get a whole business day of longevity with great projection and sillage.

To me this fragrance lacks versatility but don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing. A fragrance that's good for all occasions will probably never be the best in any occasion but when a fragrance is created for a specific scenario then it can be great and this is the case with The One EDP.

The One has a very gentleman vibe. To me this is for a gentleman on a date, a seductive scent for that special lady or perhaps a gentlemen on a quiet night out with some friends, soft music, a drink, a poker game, something sophisticated.

The scent is amazing, I'm a sucker for any tobacco fragrance and this is no exception. It opens with some grapefruit and basil, alluring, then the spices kick in ginger and cardamom and finally the coup de grace amber and tobacco.

Haven't tested it that much so can't elaborate too much about the performance, I guess it's OK at best, you could expect better from a Eau de Parfum concentration

I don't recall any fragrance as evocative as this one. Once I spray this one I'm taken to the beach, to the ocean and to me that's the biggest achievement of Light Blue.

The opening is very citrusy, you can feel the bergamot but to me it's the grapefruit zest that really does the magic and then it turns a bit woody and spicy and here is where the frankincense shines. Overall it has a salty aquatic vibe that makes it unique and wonderful, it takes you to a white sand beach, this frangrance spells summer.

With all the great thing this fragrance does there's a couple of things that could greatly improve and that's the performance, I get about 4 hours with so, if you want to make the best of it spray it on and pack a travel atomizer with you to be able to reapply throughout the day.

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I just wore Homme Eau for the first time and totally love it. Basically is Dior Homme made for day wear. The opening is nice with a smooth citrusy touch but the Iris is what steals the show I guess my only complaint is with longetivity and projection, at least on my first wearing it lasted for about 4 hours or so.

Great for warm days and office

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To me this flanker is the distant cousin of the original For Him and For Him intense, there are some similarities and you can certainly see they share the DNA but Bleu Noir comes with a twist. To me this is a more complex version with a richer note break down that makes it very interesting and a gorgeous scent however the performance is bad, so bad.

Fell in love with this fragrance so it's painful to see the awful performance that cripples the final product otherwise this could've been a great fragrance.

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As most people I got IDE almost by default. I went into Zara looking for RWA and then I realized I could get the Tobacco Collection almost the same price as RWA alone so since it was such a good deal I went for it.
RWA was nice, all the good talk in Youtube made me want it and it almost fit the bill (fell a bit short on the hype) but IDE on the other hand, the one everyone dismissed turned out to be the real gem. It opens so nicely with Bergamot, Mint and Apple with a background of a creamy Tonka. I can hardly identify the Tobacco but you can notice something going on.

It performs just as you'd expect from Zara, apply it at home and go out for dinner, some drinks and by the time you get back home it's starting to fade. Sillage is good, I caught some whiffs while driving to the restaurant and it was intoxicating

I ended up liking IDE better than RWA, I truly believe it's an underrated fragrance

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This is one of the oldest colognes I have, bought it so far back it may have gone bad already but it still smell great. This fresh aquatic fragrance is great, caught me the first time I sprayed it (it was a blind buy) and it still catches me. I know nothing about the fragrance game and bought it because I didn't want to spend much but as time went by I figured what a great pick it was.
The price is low but the value is high

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Many bash on Sauvage for being overused, for being 'unoriginal' and played up but a cliché is a cliché for a reason, because it's good, because it works.
If you can see past these complaints then you'll find that Sauvage is a spring and summer staple. Fresh, long lasting, great performance and what else could you ask from a fresh scent?

If you don't mind what others wear and want something proven to work, smells great and performs then try Sauvage

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