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124 days ago
24, Faubourg (Eau de Parfum) by Hermès

24, Faubourg (Eau de Parfum)„Smells like wealth”
I describe this as a perfume that smells like weath and to me it really does.Gardenia is just one of several gorgeous white florals notes in this sprankling and timeless composition,absolute class!I think it would be great for winter time,evening wear or for the holidays...

125 days ago
Datura noir (Eau de Parfum) by Serge Lutens

Datura noir (Eau de Parfum)„Oriental, spicy, floral explosion”
Datura Noir has a long note list.Tonkabean, almond,coconut,tuberose,lemon blossom, musk,heliotrope, myrrh,vanilla apricot,mandatin orange,chinese osmanthus-but they all work beautifully together to create a sublime floral with a sweet (almost gourmand)...

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Chocolade and orange come thogether.The chocolade isn't to sweet thanks to the citrusy accords and it feels like creamy carres on the skin.
Coconutty, woody vanilla, a creamy, soft and delicious concoction that's comforting at the same time.Perfect fot the autumn.+1
Chant d'Amores is just so darn beautiful,Lovely florals are combined with the aldehydes to produce a delicate cloud of beautiful scent.+1
Flower Fusion is another glorious beauty.F.Fusion morries rich florals with a boozy vanilla for a sensual and delicious scent.+2
Blurry blend of synthetic notes!A house famous mostly for its top quality gourmand to make something so unpresentable!Verry strange.+1
L'interdit is a perfect blend of gourmand and white flowers.This enchanting and provocative scent wil cocoon you in a cloud of deliciousness+1
My first impression was that it smells like a floral musky soap.I think this is actually quite an elegant floral musky soap
Verry nice.+2
This parfume is a string of pearls among the bress.Classy elegant an sophisticated....
Oriental,spicy,floral explosion.I don't have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to discribe the joy that is this fragrance.
Sweet,comforting,powdery beautiful scent.I dont understand why this is marketed as an men scent?This is as feminine scent as it gets.



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Highly recommended seller! Thanks for everything.
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A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting
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