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GorgiaGorgia 2 years ago
24, Faubourg (Eau de Parfum) - Hermès

24, Faubourg (Eau de Parfum) Smells like wealth
I describe this as a perfume that smells like weath and to me it really does.Gardenia is just one of several gorgeous white florals notes in this sprankling and timeless composition,absolute class!I think it would be great for winter time,evening...

GorgiaGorgia 2 years ago
Datura noir (Eau de Parfum) - Serge Lutens

Datura noir (Eau de Parfum) Oriental, spicy, floral explosion
Datura Noir has a long note list.Tonkabean, almond,coconut,tuberose,lemon blossom, musk,heliotrope, myrrh,vanilla apricot,mandatin orange,chinese osmanthus-but they all work beautifully together to create a sublime floral with a sweet...

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"Chasing butterflies"is an appropriate name,since the fragrance flutters away before you can catch it.The lasting power is horrible.
Natural,clean,discrete and crisp.Citrus and mint very refreshing summery scent.It's a glimpse of the garden of Positano.Lovely summer scent.
This is an green,creamy,aquatic, clean, fresh parfum with tender sweetness and cool notes.
Fleur de Bambu is verry relaxing and pretty scent
Plasant,creating a soft shiny veil that surrounds the green liquor of patchouli,incense and vanilla.
A nice casual non offensive perfume.
It's powdery but not overwhelmingly so and certainly not suffocatingly powdery as some iris scent can be.Verry work appropriate.Love it!
If my lipstick smelled like this, I would throw it away!!!
Immortelle combine with a creamy sandalwood and a chocolate or orris,amber and musk.Definitively one of the best Bois 1920 in my opinion.
Flora 1966 is rich and boozy in more of a floral spicy way.It's dark and decadent with bourbon pepper rose patchouli and musk Simply lusciou
This flanker has a gorgous blend of dark fruit with lusious florals and just a hint of sweetness that makes it beautiful as an evening scent
Pacific Lime from Atelier Cologne has a green&sweet twist to the bright citrusy notes wich makes it lush and summery.Perfect for the summer.


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Thanks for the very smooth deal ( + fast delivery & extra samples) and your kindness. Highly recommended . Happy weekend!
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Highly recommended seller! Thanks for everything.
GorgiaGorgia 2 years ago
A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting
Chtistian Dior
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Thank you very much for some great, easy deals. Until next time!